“Watergate Bridge” break 1 billion, resist the United States aid North Korea witness Guo Rongxi: this bridge is I fry

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Watergate Bridge, a classic film of anti-AMERICAN aid to North Korea, went viral on the Internet on The first day of the Lunar New Year.”Watergate Bridge” is a heroic epic that connects seven episodes to the new mission of blowing up the Watergate Bridge, a chokepoint in the American army’s retreat route, and blocking the retreat of the 1st Marine Division.In just 16 hours after its release, the film earned more than 800 million yuan at the box office and attracted more than 14 million viewers, breaking 39 records in a row.On the second day of the lunar New Year, we saw the appearance of the hero in the special hero prototype released by the film side.Guo Rongxi, a 98-year-old veteran of the Volunteer Army, witnessed the battle of Watergate Bridge 72 years ago.Guo Rongxi, who was in his 20s at that time, was ordered to fight against the United States and aid Korea. At that time, he served as a staff officer of the training department of the 60th Division of the 20th Army of the 9th Corps.When he arrived in Korea, he said, he took part in a command post that led to the bombing of the Watergate Bridge.”-more than 40 degrees of cold, hands shivering, hands frozen black, full of frostbite, the department did not eat enough to wear warm, casualties were very large”.”I have been afraid to sleep in case I fall asleep and cannot get up, so I stamp my feet on the spot in case I freeze.”Recall the ice and snow of the battle field, Guo Rongxi still deep memory.It is in so difficult hardship, even the hand can not lift up the cold, Guo Rongxi just with strong will and a cavity patriotic blood, in short 8 days time 3 blasting task.”A total of three times to fry the bridge”, Guo Rongxi full of hospitality said, “the first time I fry, I took a platoon down, the temperature was more than 40 degrees below zero, all the soldiers in the army were shivering with cold”.”I went under the bridge and found a better position. If I blew it up, the whole bridge would collapse.”But after the first bombing, the Americans quickly repaired the bridge with wood.”On the second and third blows to the bridge, the 180th regiment sent an entire platoon of soldiers and lost their lives.Because of the cold weather, many soldiers were still holding their guns when they died. Even when Americans saw our troops, they said they were great.Watergate Bridge battle, caused great pressure to the American army, delayed the American escape plan, for the victory of the overall campaign to lay a solid foundation.”The Americans are mechanized troops, and we are musketeers.Now our army is getting stronger and stronger, long live the PLA!One of the shining badges, telling a field of life and death of the unyielding spirit.More than 70 years later, the Battle of Watergate Bridge is still an unforgettable experience in the hearts of these heroes.Watergate Bridge takes viewers 149 minutes into the epic battle and introduces them to the “loveliest people”.In the movie, whether Wu Qianli or fire platoon leader Yu Congrong, whether Meisheng or Pinghe, they are all heroes, are willing to sacrifice their heads, blood clanges for the country, for the family.At the end of the album, Guo said that it was necessary to resist the United States and aid Korea, to protect the country, and it was very glorious.We all stepped forward, not afraid of any sacrifice.From his account, the battle of The Watergate Bridge becomes incredibly powerful.It is countless volunteers like Guo Rongxi guo old ancestors, with flesh and blood cast the burning steel Great Wall, with a fresh life in return for the present heyday.Since the film was released, the cinema was almost full. After watching the film, a large number of audiences were impressed by the heroic spirit and patriotic spirit of the ancestors who risked their lives.”The scenes are magnificent, almost plain description of the war scenes, real and shocking, is definitely the most valuable super war movie in the Spring Festival!””The first tear of the New Year is dedicated to Watergate Bridge. Love for National conditions, friendship and brotherly love are all stuck in tears. I couldn’t stop crying in the cinema.”She moved deeply, sincere and powerful evaluation, let the Chinese people tears, moved.In addition to ordinary people, we also saw lovely figures that made countless Chinese people awestruck.Borrow “watergate bridge” on the occasion of release, many anti-American aid Korea veteran also walked into the theater, a look.A netizen said that he took his grandfather, a volunteer soldier, to watch Watergate Bridge. When he saw the scene in which the soldiers died in the movie, his grandfather kept watching and cried.After the movie, the old man was reluctant to leave for a long time and gave a long military salute to the movie.Clearly in his eyes revealed is reluctant and nostalgia.Zibo veterans also saw “Watergate Bridge”, moved to tears, salute to the martyrs!Why do they cry?Not only had they been there, not only had they survived, but they could relate to the countless comrades who had given their lives in the movies.The story of each individual becomes a collective story as well as a national story.Thanksgiving revolutionary ancestors for today’s China paid all, but also more glad that we were born in today’s era of peace!Do not forget history, we are strong!