Zhang Tian ‘ai sat on a chair to make up, was accused of “not elegant”, hands akimbo became slot point

2022-07-27 0 By

On Jan. 25, there is a recreation blogger, published a paper on flora on the Internet make up posts in a chair, sat in a chair and drying out a set of flora makeup photos, and said “flora sat in a chair pictures of makeup, wear low-cut render unlined upper garment is tie-in black leather, wild shape, temperament and enviable body state, is the lack of the elegant feeling,Especially hands akimbo, too ostentatious, feel deliberately show body!”The entertainment blogger’s comments caught the attention of netizens, who talked about Zhang’s gesture with her hands akimbo.From the entertainment blogger drying out of this group of flora sat in a chair makeup photos, this is not a flora recent pictures of makeup, but a group of old flora makeup, if I remember correctly, this should be flora 1 years ago photo, flora was also share in the personal social accounts related content, then has caused the attention of many people and, now,This group of photos exposed again, still caused no small sensation, it seems that Zhang Tian ‘ai sitting on a chair to make up should have commendable point.Flora sat in a chair makeup, dressed in a black low neckline, paired with a black leather jacket, hairstyle is the ponytail, also with a pair of earrings, white dress collocation preference for royal elder sister style, whole person looks particularly western style, temperament is very hot, in addition, this in a very significant figure, fully take advantage of the flora figure,It makes her very feminine.The entertainment blogger drying out of the three photo, although the three photo shooting Angle is different, but it has obvious similarities, the flora has always been in a state of her hands rested on her hips, believes that many people know, her hands rested on her hips, the human body curve will look better, this also no wonder sun as entertainment bloggers will think flora in the show in Po eye shape.The gesture of Zhang Tian-ai’s hands akimbo has attracted the attention and heated discussion of netizens. Not only some netizens think that Zhang Tian-ai does not use makeup, but also some netizens think that Zhang Tian-ai deliberately shows off her figure. Some netizens even said, “Who can explain why she sits on a chair to make up with her hands akimbo?”You can see that the comments section is quite poignant.I can accept that Zhang Tian-ai hands akimbo is to show her figure, but I can’t accept that Zhang Tian-ai hands akimbo is not elegant. Personally, I think hands akimbo and elegance have nothing to do with it. In other words, do you think Zhang Tian-ai sitting on a chair making up elegant?