“A Thousand Words” 37: Don’t let our parents become cautious in front of us

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Social hot spots, workplace focus, focus of life, talking about the world;A family of words, nonsense nonsense, set thinking, a thousand words.In recent years, my mother in her 80s has become more and more like a child. She is curious about everything and easy to satisfy. Occasionally, she also plays a little temper, which is very cute.For example, in early December 2019, I sent my in-laws back to my hometown. I didn’t tell my mother beforehand because I wanted to give her a surprise.When we met in town, my mother was happy and carefully patted my hand on the back, smiling and blaming me in a low voice: “You don’t call me back…”Due to the short vacation time, I did not go to my mother’s rented house. Instead, I hurried back to my hometown on the mountain to assist my father-in-law in cleaning the house that had been idle for many years and to coordinate and deal with matters such as resetting water and electricity lines.I invited my mother, who was careful to hide her jealousy. “You don’t have time for me,” she said. “What am I doing up there?”During that time, my mother went back to her hometown in the mountains twice, but each time she stayed only for a short time to wander around and have a meal. No matter how her parents-in-law tried to persuade her to stay, whenever there was a car in town, she would go with it.I joked with my mother: “Your son has come back, but don’t you want to stay in your hometown for two more days?”Mother was still careful to hide her jealousy: “You are so busy, how can you spend time with me?”Of course, this is not the mother’s real idea, at most her old people want to be close to her son but not close to the situation of a little complaint.In fact, my mother was well aware of the main task of my visit and urged me to think things through and do my best to accommodate my in-laws.As neighbors for many years and now in-laws, my mother and my in-laws have always gotten along well.She often taught me to treat my in-laws as my own parents, even better than my own parents;He also said that he married his daughter to you, and my daughter-in-law is so filial to me, you have no reason not to treat your in-laws.It was because of my mother’s understanding and support that I dared to “neglect” her for the time being and focus on helping her in-laws relocate.I once read a popular article on the Internet: Don’t let your parents become cautious in front of you.In this paper, such as “once upon a time, we have become very listen to our parents, just like when we listen to their words,” “afraid of lonely heavy affection, they began to worry about oneself is wrong, can make originally pressure is a big children not happy”, “so they become very carefully, for our tone of voice command from the very beginning, to consult or ask for now,”It’s just because they think they are too old to protect us.Fear of losing our dependence on them, so turn to rely on us “statement, let people insight, let people love dearly, let people tear.So how do we make our elderly parents walk on eggshells around us?This is obviously a seemingly simple question that is difficult to answer.In fact, there’s really not much we can do except be considerate of our parents, do our best to provide them with a good living environment and spend as much time with them as possible.If you have to add one more, then I would suggest that all the friends whose parents are still alive start from now on, treat their parents as carefully as parents nurture and care for their children.Yufu was drafted in The evening of December 6, 2019 in Kaizhou, Chongqing, and perfected in the morning of February 2, 2022 in shanxiang hometown, Kaizhou, Chongqing