Jianyang children’s tour: thick neighborhood joy yuanxiao

2022-07-28 0 By

Holding hand-made lanterns, the faces of parents and children are full of happiness.In order to promote national culture and enhance residents’ understanding of the traditional Lantern Festival, the afternoon of February 14,Tongzishan Community of Tongyou Street, Jianyang District, together with development Bureau of Jianyang District, Provincial Grain storage And Jianyang Storage, and Golden Sun Service Center for the elderly to carry out the new era of civilized practice activities of “Thick neighborhood, joy and Yuanxiao”, so that community residents can feel the charm of traditional culture in a piece of laughter.Steaming glutinous rice balls.Zhu Lijun guess lantern riddles, make lanterns, eat dumplings…In tongzishan community activities square, a series of Lantern Festival activities in full swing.The activity site was filled with lantern riddles, interesting puzzles covering four-character idioms, food safety knowledge, anti-drug knowledge, etc.Community residents and children are making lanterns for the Lantern Festival.The community also prepared semi-finished lanterns for 20 families who registered in advance to make lanterns for the Lantern Festival.The staff first explained the origin and customs of the Lantern Festival to the children, then, parents and children can’t wait to take the material bag, according to the steps to start making.In a short time, yizhanzhan beautiful lanterns are presented in front of us, holding hand-made lanterns, parents and children’s faces are full of happiness.”They are especially sweet to eat together.”During the activity, volunteers sent hot tangyuan to each resident and tasted the delicious tangyuan. Everyone felt the festive atmosphere and the warmth and care of the community. Everyone’s face was filled with happy smiles.This activity created a happy, peaceful, civilized and healthy festival atmosphere, allowing residents to further understand the traditional Chinese culture, but also to experience and learn the customs of traditional festivals.