Jinan High-tech Zone on recommending provincial support for high quality development award funds shortlisted cultural enterprises notice

2022-07-28 0 By

Cultural enterprises (limited to independent tax paying enterprises) have outstanding performance in social benefits, economic benefits, scientific and technological innovation, green development, sustainable development and other aspects, especially key enterprises whose local tax payment in 2021 will increase by more than 20% compared with that in 2020, and the tax scale shall not be lower than that in 2019.Local taxation refers to value-added tax, enterprise income tax, individual income tax, resource tax, real estate tax, urban land use tax, land value-added tax, deed tax and environmental protection tax shared by provinces and cities and counties according to the current fiscal system.The specific tax payment data shall be subject to the tax authorities.Please carefully compare the evaluation index system, in line with the principle of selecting the best among the best, strictly check and check, and carefully fill in the “Recommended Cultural Enterprise High-quality Development Evaluation Index 2021 Completion Form”, “Key Cultural Enterprise Application Form”, “Enterprise Information Authenticity Commitment” and certification materials.And submit relevant materials in Word version and scanned PDF version with official seal to Administration Committee A412 of Jinan High-tech Zone before 17:00 on February 13.