Shandong’s first air-to-air public bonded warehouse will provide public warehousing and logistics services

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Information network on March 31 (reporter Gu Qingqing) recently, flight OZ317 from South Korea Incheon to Qingdao safely arrived at Jiaodong International Airport, the cargo of aviation materials after epidemic prevention and disinfection and customs declaration procedures smoothly into jiaodong International Airport public bonded warehouse,This is jiaodong International Airport public bonded warehouse (referred to as bonded warehouse) after the official opening of the first batch of goods.It is reported that this is the first bonded warehouse in Shandong province.(Source: Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport) Bonded warehouse is a special supervision place for storing bonded goods and other goods that have not gone through customs formalities, providing public bonded warehousing and logistics services for enterprises from all walks of life.Warehouse building area of more than 2150 square meters, set up nine separate storage area, the largest area of 645 square meters, the bond is equipped with hd camera 30 units, which can realize the video picture specify amplification, narrow and playback of access, and network with the customs, goods in 24 hours, no dead Angle regulation to ensure the safety regulation.Since its transfer, Jiaodong International Airport has made great efforts in aviation logistics industry, and cargo transportation has become a new growth point for the airport to seek high-quality development.In 2021, Jiaodong International Airport completed a cargo throughput of 237,600 tons, up 14.9 percent year on year.Facing market opportunities, how to create new competitive advantages?Declaration of public bonded warehouse on the agenda.In the early stage of the bid, Jiaodong International Airport carried out in-depth research on the demand of aviation materials and other bonded goods, conducted special analysis on the necessity of applying bonded warehouse, visited more than ten airlines and agent companies, and held 6 special seminars.In the process of examination and approval, jiaodong airport customs set up across the panel, insight into the warehouse on the construction of hardware facilities, real-time follow up construction progress, ensure isolation facilities, monitoring and control system, fire fighting equipment, regulatory facilities conform to the requirements of the customs supervision, work closely with the customs jiaodong international airport, adhering to the “chess” thought, joint inspection factory,Finally, it only took 2 months from the application for the establishment of the warehouse, the construction of the reservoir area to the approval and acceptance, and the official opening of the warehouse. With the “Qingdao Speed”, it tested the excellent style ability of “planning for the masses, working for actual results”.(source:Jiaodong Qingdao international airport) bonded warehouse to enable further perfecting the function of jiaodong international airport air ports, improve the level of the airport logistics services, to solve the large enterprises in Qingdao bonded warehouse requirements, reduce time and cost, avoid the risk of the international market price fluctuations, convenient enterprise funds transfer and flexible configuration, strengthen the enterprise international competitiveness,Make the long-term healthy and stable development of enterprises;The bonded warehouse can also meet the bonded storage needs of aviation materials and equipment of airlines, reduce the complex procedures of overseas and overseas procurement of maintenance parts, reduce the operating costs of airlines, and reduce the impact of aircraft failures on flight operations.At the same time, the bonded warehouse to customer demand oriented, to provide goods packaging, classification, separation, assembly and other fine support services.Next, jiaodong international airport will carry out “style ability promotion year” activities, work together to the airport customs, give full play to the regional advantage of air port, continue to perfect the aviation logistics industry chain, through building the goods in and out of the convenient, form a complete set of perfect hub of northeast Asia international freight services, promote industrial agglomeration, jiaodong airport economic zoneQingdao for the first quarter of the economy “steady opening” “a good start” to contribute to the airport.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: