Shaoyang City Overseas Chinese Federation party group held 2021 party history study education special democratic life

2022-07-28 0 By

Conference site.Rednet moment On January 27 – (correspondent gold) recently, Shaoyang City Federation of Overseas Chinese Party held 2021 party history study education thematic democratic life.Meeting on the municipal federation of 2020 democratic life of the party group corrective actions implementation, 2021 annual party history study education project democratic life meeting preparation conditions and for advice and representatives of the group for review before the meeting, the municipal federation of leader as a personal reference check, take the initiative to accept criticism, other group members on a self-examination,Engage in serious criticism and self-criticism of each other.Meeting requirements, to a good start to finish, continuous reflection to find problems;We must speak up and act quickly to rectify problems.We should make persistent efforts to bring overseas Chinese affairs to a new level.Must firm belief, vigorously promotes the party conduct clean government construction and the anti-corruption work;To the democratic life as a new starting point and the “gas station”, to carry out the “best ever to the party, celebrate 20 big” series of activities as an opportunity to focus on overseas “six functions”, closely around the beginning of certain “task” “seven” and “eight” to carry out the work, lead to the development of shaoyang, exchanging and technology, investment, and boost development of oversea Chinese enterprises,Help the city’s economic and social development, to contribute to the construction of a modern shaoyang new overseas Chinese majestic power.