Spring, I wait for you in Dongguan!

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Today is the sixth grade far in your hometown whether you have set foot on the way back to Dongguan many partners have been unable to wait to come back in Dongguan struggle, career, dongguan has become the second hometown of many friends “double million” city – Dongguan welcome you!In 2021, Dongguan’s GDP will exceed one trillion yuan;The GDP of all towns and streets exceeded 10 billion yuan;Over 50 billion yuan in 5 towns and streets;Per capita GDP is about to break through 100,000 yuan!The number of national high-tech enterprises increased to 7,387;79 state-level specialized and special “little Giant” enterprises;The comprehensive competitiveness of scientific and technological innovation ranked Top20 in China……OPPO workers operate and control multiple automatic equipment, Photographers @Li Zhiliang) China’s 15th city with one trillion GDP and ten million people!This magical land in Dongguan is full of opportunities and business opportunities Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and other large factories gathered here many local enterprises do not lag behind on the road of intelligent manufacturing transformation, breakthrough, progress for Dongguan intelligent manufacturing in the world stage to rise into the power of livable city – Dongguan welcome you!Songshan Lake, Marina Bay, Silver Bottle Mountain…A good place for leisure is dongguan people yearning for the beauty of life Dongguan urban renewal in full swing beautiful livable rural construction orderly advance we work hard, while enjoying life gourmet city – Dongguan welcome you!Smooth and fresh rice flour, crispy roast goose inside, smelly Clay pot rice, Daojiao zongzi, bean skin chicken, Xinwan seafood…Delicious but also full of dongguan’s unique human touch basketball city – Dongguan welcome you!Basketball city atmosphere rich CBA “eleven champion” only this one in Dongguan, you can always see in the streets and lanes holding the basketball coming and going of the young, middle-aged, old people according to statistics, dongguan’s basketball court has nearly 6000, to the basketball court – based multi-functional stadium 57.Basically every village in the city (community) will build more than one standard basketball court.Dongguan welcomes you!This is our home we breathe and grow together.Dongguan speed has witnessed the development of The Times, and we have also witnessed the great changes in Dongguan.A “Dongguan welcome you” is better than thousands of words dongguan, because of you and wonderful!In the New Year, a new starting point of “Shuangwan”, I wish every one of you living in this city to achieve yourself and realize your dreams!Material source: Dongguan flowers open comprehensive, dongguan city image MV “Dongguan support you”, part of the picture for the information map