Spring vehicle maintenance notes inventory!

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The weather gradually began to warm up, many owners are going to go outing in the spring, but with the advent of spring, temperature difference, humidity changes greatly, if not timely maintenance will leave a hidden danger to the health of the car, today for you to comb the spring maintenance matters needing attention.* Cleaning heat dissipation system is the first to say that the circulation system, including oil and water two parts.Experienced the test of a winter wind, auto radiator radiator and automobile air conditioning condenser above must have attached a lot of dust, these dirt would cause tank heat dissipation, small engine water temperature is too high, air conditioning not cool in summer, such as failure, serious still can cause auto parts early damage, so the spring must clean the vehicle’s cooling system.* Keep the oil road smooth as for the maintenance of the oil road in spring, we should go to the professional maintenance station to detect whether the throttle and nozzle and other parts are clean, because the coming summer is the peak period of air conditioning, the above parts will undoubtedly increase the fuel consumption of the car.* Do a physical examination for air conditioning the temperature in spring is not stable, and it is common to increase 10 degrees Celsius. In this case, the inspection of air conditioning refrigeration is more important.General air conditioning after nearly half a year of shutdown, refrigerant is likely to leak, so to the repair shop to clean the condenser and water tank should remind workers to check the refrigerant allowance.Some car owners are allergic to pollen in spring, so they should clean and replace the pollen filter of air conditioning air intake at the same time.* Change the oil although now most of the cars have used the four seasons of general oil, but in individual cities, the vehicle oil is still divided into winter and summer, so here to remind you that spring is the time to change the summer oil.* Car disinfection in winter many owners rarely open the window ventilation, the car accumulated a large number of bacteria, with the gradual rise in spring temperature, all kinds of bacteria will be wet in the car crazy growth.So it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect the car this season.Keep the driving room clean and dry, especially for the car seat cushion, foot cushion, air outlet and other parts.At the same time, some of the car’s health corners should also do a good job of cleaning, as far as possible to keep the car environment dry and clean.Remind the owner in their car interior cleaning, to clean with neutral washing liquid, do not use strong acid and alkaline material cleaning.In addition, in the cleaning should pay attention to avoid audio, radio, CD and other electrical equipment water and corrosion.* Wiper check It is rainy in spring and wipers are used more frequently.It is recommended to check and clean the wipers in time to avoid improper scraping and blurred vision caused by aging and deformation of rubber strips.* Protect the paint at the same time, the acid composition in the rain is easy to cause corrosion of the car paint, over time will cause damage to the car paint, so in the spring rain more, special attention should be paid to protect the car paint.Simple is waxing, longer and more effective is to seal glaze beauty.No matter what method, can prevent the paint surface fading aging.* Chassis to rust proof spring car chassis also need a layer of maintenance.Because after the winter snow muddy road, car chassis will be covered with thick soil, soil contains snow alkaline agents, great corrosion of the car chassis, but also blocked the car chassis vents.Go to the place where the computer washes the car and wash the dirt off the chassis.Conditional, can do chassis rust processing, resist acid and alkali to bring corrosion, ensure chassis will not rust.At the same time to check the bolt, the inspection process must be careful, because small omissions are likely to cause unnecessary trouble.* Add coolant Spring temperature gradually rise, some friends found that the coolant in the water tank is insufficient, they use water to supplement.At this time, car antifreeze is not the theme, but water is easy to produce alkali, rust, and low boiling point, easy to cause “boiling pot”.Therefore, do not arbitrarily change the coolant into water.* Engine compartment The engine compartment is an important part of the car. Like the “bedroom”, regular cleaning of the engine compartment can ensure the “health” of the engine.The main cleaning items are ash and oil: for dust, it is recommended to clean with high-pressure air guns;To smeary, can undertake simple cleanness with flannelette and wool brush.* Check tires and tire pressure In winter because of the cold weather, tire rubber can be stiff and wear more.So in the spring, be sure to carefully check the tire wear, but also adjust the four tires to the ground adhesion, so that it remains consistent.Due to the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the tire pressure will be reduced in winter, and the tire pressure will be higher when the temperature rises in spring.If the tire pressure is not adjusted in time, it will not only increase fuel consumption, but also accelerate tire wear.After entering spring, it is recommended to adjust the tire pressure to the standard value.* Brake oil brake oil has a strong water absorption, spring rain more, greater humidity, once there is water infiltration, brake oil water content increased boiling point reduced, brake oil performance also attenuated.Braking is often soft, braking distance becomes longer and so on, affecting driving safety.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)