The US is starting to panic!Call on China to persuade Russia that conflict is not in China’s interest either

2022-07-28 0 By

Recently, the development of the situation in Ukraine is very worrying to the outside world, because a number of countries led by the United States continue to provoke Russia on relevant issues, in an attempt to cause regional conflicts.In two days, the United States shipped more than 200 tons of equipment to Ukraine.Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are also escalating, encouraged by the United States.The two sides are even at daggers drawn.Provoked by America, Russia has taken steps to warn NATO, including stationing hundreds of thousands of troops on its border with Ukraine.Russia has made it clear that NATO’s eastward expansion will not be allowed to continue. This is Russia’s bottom line.But the us’s reply in time, should clear claimed not “stop NATO enlargement”, who also refused to compromise on both sides, but instead all the bad things do suffer to Russia, and even slander of Russia’s international reputation, claims that Russia would “force invasion”, Ukraine is Russia can not accept such a move.Is striking back against Russia, the United States began to panic, called on China to persuade Russia to Russia in recent days has adopted a series of actions, including agreed with Latin American countries, the future will be to strengthen the military cooperation, then Russia also announced the U.S. nuclear missiles in other than the status quo of nuclear power, says there will be Russia’s next act on this issue.Russia is vindictive, as the United States is well aware.If Russia’s warnings are ignored, existing frictions could eventually turn into direct conflict.The US, alarmed by the situation, recently called on China to persuade Russia that China would not be immune from a conflict between the US and Russia.On this issue, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that all parties should return to the New Minx Agreement, and China is fully supportive as long as bilateral negotiations are based on this agreement.China also calls on all parties to calm down and refrain from further actions that aggravate the situation.Wang’s remarks to a large extent reflect China’s position on the issue, which was stated in the “New Minx Agreement” that all parties should use “diplomatic means” to resolve the current dispute over the Donbas issue.The current Ukraine problem, to a large extent, is caused by the United States’ attempt to intervene with force.It is also very beneficial for Russia to resolve the issue through negotiations, which reflects China’s position of calling for peace.If the United States still does not understand the significance of China’s remarks, the situation will inevitably continue to escalate.Part of the information reference source: Ding Qing focus