The first batch of parking Spaces in Yangjiang have completed intelligent transformation and will be charged from April 8

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..According to municipal urban construction investment wisdom parking management co., LTD., the urban embankment road and port road 382 parking garages have complete intelligent will begin on April 8, the parking fee management…..This is the city’s first implementation of road parking berthing unmanned, intelligent construction pilot sections in accordance with the municipal Party committee and the municipal government creative program requirements combined with urban traffic unblocking action in order to further strengthen the urban road parking standard management effectively alleviate the urban center and the old city parking difficult, difficult driving and other traffic problems……………………..Since March 7, the company has implemented intelligent transformation of 382 parking berths in Hedi Road and Buwei Road of Jiangcheng District. The whole section adopts low-position video technology for construction, which can generate pictures and information in real time and realize intelligent, visual and unmanned management of parking charges…In the past, Hedi Road and Buwei Road, with a total length of about 2700 meters, were located in the old city. They were traditional commercial areas in the city, with narrow paved roads and many cars.Surrounding parking facilities are not perfect, residents and shops parked in roadside parking for a long time, some of them became zombie cars, disorderly and indiscriminate parking situation is serious, resulting in parking difficulties and traffic congestion…After the intelligent parking berths in the above sections are put into use, price lever can be fully leveraged to improve the utilization efficiency of parking resources, guide drivers to “stop short and walk fast”, avoid occupying road parking Spaces for a long time, and smooth the static order of the city.In the next step, the company will implement intelligent charging management and technological upgrading and reconstruction of more than 6,000 parking berths in mature urban schools, hospitals, markets and other key peripheral roads as well as existing operating roads in batches, until all realize intelligent, visual and unmanned management.Strive to create the city’s “road, road parking a network” new pattern of intelligent parking.Berth billable hours 8:00 in the morning, evening 22:30 (billing) on time evening 22:30 8:00 (pay-per-view) – the next day rate….(1) Free parking within the first 30 minutes from 8:00 to 22:30, and the free parking time is included in the billing time. The first hour is 4 YUAN (including 30 minutes of free parking time);The billing period from the second hour will be charged for every 30 minutes at 2 yuan /30 minutes.(2) From 22:30 to 8:00 the next day, free parking within the first 30 minutes, charge 6 yuan per time (such as continuous parking across the night and day, only enjoy a 30-minute free time).(3) For continuous parking in the car parking space, the maximum charge will be 32 yuan per 24 hours, that is, the maximum charge standard will be 32 yuan per 24 hours.Source: Yangjiang, Guangdong