War | “epidemic” characters “sichuan to jilin” a letter from special, write another youth praise!

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She was a nurse, he was a fireman;She is in Sichuan and he is in Jilin.In the face of COVID-19, they have been working at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. With their responsibility and dedication, they have composed a different anthem of youth.A sudden outbreak of the epidemic, sounded the white mountain fire rescue team to fight the horn.At this time, baishan fire rescue detachment received a special letter from Sichuan Dazhou Orthopaedic Hospital.The letter read: “Comrade Wu Yanping, regards patients as relatives, loves her job…In particular, when the hospital fire broke out on December 29, he rushed to the front line many times regardless of personal danger, showing the fearless revolutionary spirit of a young man in the new era…”The hero of this letter is baishan city fire rescue detachment qunsheng Road special service station fireman He Yiming’s wife – Wu Yanping.She is a nurse at Dazhou Orthopaedic Hospital in Sichuan province.For a long time since, although live apart from the husband two places, but her heart is worried about the husband that is far in baishan from beginning to end however, she is supporting the job of husband He Yiming silently, pick up the heavy burden of the family and the job in Sichuan one shoulder, work hard and complain, do one’s best to be good “good wife help”, reflect the female of new era to bear.What are the tear-jerking stories behind this thank you letter?Recently, the epidemic has touched the hearts of countless people.As a young nurse, Wu Yanping resolutely decided to apply for the front line to fight the epidemic and take the initiative to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work.She and her colleagues conducted nucleic acid tests on more than 20,000 people in Tongchuan district, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province.In order to save medical isolation clothing, she would not eat rice or drop water every day after wearing the medical isolation clothing. She would fight hard for more than ten hours and never quit her job.He Yiming, a firefighter’s husband, is a native of Dazhou, Sichuan Province. He had planned to take a leave after the “Two Sessions” in Baishan to celebrate his son’s first birthday with his wife. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation in Jilin Province was becoming serious.”The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.”He Yiming volunteered to join the vanguard of epidemic prevention and control party members, to the forefront of epidemic prevention and elimination.After hearing this news, his wife Wu Yanping did not complain, but very calmly said to him: “When you come back, we will make up a birthday for our son.”In this battle without smoke of gunpowder, “flame blue + angel white”, he Yiming and Wu Yanping this pair of “husband and wife files” in Sichuan and Jilin far apart.With their perseverance and selfless dedication, they are spreading determination, strength, goodwill and warmth to the cities in the midst of epidemic prevention and control.They are thousands of miles apart, but selfless efforts in their respective posts, for the people to build a line of defense against the epidemic.They “give up their small homes and care for everyone”, encourage each other, and “fight side by side” in the battle against the epidemic, writing a different anthem of youth with responsibility and dedication.All the time, the Party committee of Baishan Fire rescue detachment is at the grassroots level, caring about the work and family life of fire rescue personnel and their families, creating a “warm heart project”, formulating a number of warm heart measures, conveying the care and blessing of the Detachment Party Committee to the family comrades who pay silently behind the Fire rescue personnel of Baishan mountain.And to pay high tribute to their long-term contribution to the construction of the fire and rescue team.In this year’s “march eighth” International Working Women’s Day, Wu Yanping was awarded as an outstanding female family member by jilin Province fire rescue Corps.Source: Baishan Fire rescue detachment responsible editor: Li Huilong Editor: Ji Guangzhong