143 square meters of five rooms on a small level, stunning

2022-07-29 0 By

Today appreciate a 143 square meters apartment, although the apartment area is not large, but the internal space function is very complete, the ratio of the room and depth is also very reasonable, let us feel in detail.After north side enters a door, it is a porch, can do pass top top top hat frame on the side, front place ark of a porch, serve as the space of porch corridor 2 syncretic.Reflected master decorous grade already, realized the function that receives again at the same time.South to sitting room, dining-room, kitchen forms 3 horizontal hall, such design means is very fashionable, very elegant also, all sorts of function confluence is at same plane, do not have any partition among, increased the visual effect of the space not only, and the conversion between each function area is very fluent also.On the north side is a bedroom and study, which can also be made into a yoga studio, gym or wine cellar according to the needs of the owner, which is ideal.The rest area has three rooms, the public area open window toilet is located on the north side, the distance from the two secondary bedrooms and the activity area is very close, extremely convenient.Master bedroom depth is ideal, can be arranged by the way a separate cloakroom or leisure area.The north side is directly connected to the dry and wet separation of the open window toilet, complete configuration.What do you think of this apartment model?