An elderly man in Shenyang was sentenced for carrying a knife to hinder epidemic prevention and control

2022-07-29 0 By

Recently, Shenyang Shenhe District People’s Court in Liaoning Province held a trial and sentenced a criminal case related to the epidemic, the defendant Wang mou was sentenced to six months in prison for provoking trouble, Wang mou said in court to serve the sentence.This is the first criminal case involving the epidemic in Shenyang since the start of the epidemic prevention and control campaign in the city.Court found that this year on March 19, about 20, a community in the process of the nucleic acid detection in shenhe district in shenyang, a 62 – year – old wang mou a drunken nucleic acid testing point and nucleic acid detection, head of the masses for abuse, intimidation, on-site staff to dissuade, wang mou some carry the chopper pulled out from the bosom in the side,The order of the nucleic acid testing site was severely affected, resulting in the suspension of nucleic acid testing, which was supposed to end at 22:00 on the same day, hindering the normal epidemic prevention work.The court held that the defendant Wang, in disregard of national laws, insulted and threatened nucleic acid testing staff after drinking, seriously disturbed the order of nucleic acid testing site, and its behavior has constituted a crime of picking a quarrel and provoking a disturbance. The charges charged by the public prosecution organ are found guilty and should be supported.The defendant Wang mou to the case can truthfully confess their crimes, guilty and have positive repentance performance, comprehensive consideration of the defendant’s criminal facts, the nature of the crime, the plot and the degree of harm to society, sentenced to six months in prison for the defendant Wang mou.Source: People’s Court Daily