Bali Village, Dongtai City: Integration of agriculture and tourism gives Haijiao Fengwa a new look

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In recent years, bamli Village de-jianggang Town, Dongtai City, relies on the geographical advantage of de-termining huanghai Forest Park from Dongtai City, and the integration of de-termining and rural termining from jianggang enters the fast track.Today’s series of reports on “Practicing the ‘Four Forces’ Beautiful Village In Yanfu”, let’s walk into the “provincial civilized village” — Bali Village, Dongtai City.White wall black tile, a courtyard, step by step a scene.Reporters drove along the formation of 344 national road to dongtai Bali village, “small villas” in clusters, buildings between fishing boats, poles and other old objects embellished in the meantime, the unique “Yandu fisherman” flavor and cultural atmosphere.In the past, the “Cape wasteland” covered with sea breeze and salt flowers and boundless lusang fields has now become the “sweet first village” with high appearance and new ecology.Many villagers also live in the new house, in the “eight li family” began a sweet new life.Chen Jian, resident of balijia Community, said, “This place is really a livable place with good living facilities. My friends and relatives around me all think the house I chose is very good.My children are away and my relatives and friends come to stay with me for a few days.”The new community brings a new atmosphere, the industrial development of Bali village is also on the rise.In the village stevia industrial park, reporters see, the administrator is guiding the villagers stevia mother seedling field management.At present, stevia has become a national geographical symbol of agricultural products, and the industrial park of more than 3,000 mu has become a new agricultural tourism landscape of the whole region.”I used to work outside and now I do not go out to work at home. I de-jianggang Industrial Park from which EACH person has an annual income of about 50,000 yuan,” said Cao Changsuo, a seedling producer from De-jianggang Industrial Park, Baili Village, Dongtai City.Dongtai Jiang port town of stevia in eight village industrial park administrators Han Guanghong: “we are just at seedling stage, is also the country’s highest stevia industrial park scale, we drive the idle around the masses in our work here, nearly 150 people a day or so to help plug seedlings, management, and pay the labor wage nearly 5, six million a year.”I like to see the new house eight li, the industry held up the new fengwa.At present, Bali Village is focusing on the “integration of agriculture and tourism”, seizing the opportunity of building Shanghai high-end health care base and Shanghai high-quality agricultural products base, giving full play to the radiation effect of The Yellow Sea Forest Park, focusing on the improvement of supporting commercial functions, continuously expanding the collective economy and increasing farmers’ income.Dongtai Jiang port town in eight village party secretary Huang Yunlin: “we will continue to dig culture, enriching people, farmers living, agriculture tour around the industry, strengthen stevia industry, the newly built one thousand mu of forest landscape, expand front of forest park tourism area, build moganshan type service forms, new characteristics in eight blocks, rich tourists to eat live entertainment;We will promote the construction of high-quality new rural communities, speed up the construction of the third phase of ‘Eight-mile homes’, constantly improve the quality of ecological livable, and effectively enhance people’s sense of happiness and gain.”Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: