China’s first 11 face big change, 3 naturalized attack Vietnam, 2 veteran fear no longer use!

2022-07-29 0 By

On February 1st, the focus of the round of 12 tournament between China and Vietnam will start.Although both teams are out of the tournament early, the game is also given a lot of special meaning on the special day of the New Year, so it is a game of honor, but neither can afford to lose.Different from the match against Japan, China’s starting 11 should be relatively big changes, the team will play from defense to attack!Goalkeeper position should be no suspense, although many fans hope Wang Dalei to replace Yan Junling, to guard the Chinese team in the goal.But from the selection of the coaching staff, we are still more inclined to the latter, after all, Yan Junling played more games, performance can also be called outstanding.The defensive line should be adjusted, against The Japanese team, coach Li Xiaopeng suddenly “whole work”, the left back Wang Shanchao moved to the midfield position, Shandong Taishan central defender Zheng Zheng appeared in the left back position.His switch has not proved successful, so against Vietnam, Wang should continue at left back and Zheng will be dropped.The central defence partnership is Jiang Guangtai and Zhu Chenjie, who were excellent against Japan and without them China would have conceded more goals.Right back no suspense, as long as Zhang Linpeng is not injured, is the main force of iron.There will be a return to the traditional pairing as xu’s pair of Wu Xi proved themselves against Oman and Australia and are expected to start again.As for Hao Junmin, he struggled against Japan, with few bright spots on either end of the pitch, and is unlikely to get a chance to start again.The front three are Respectively Luo Guofu, Alan and Wu Lei, Luo Guofu and Wu Lei each play side, Alan went to the waist position, more responsible for the attack of the organization in series.We’ve seen it before against Australia, so it’s not too new.Center position is also no suspense, in the naturalized center Aiksen can not play because of the new coronavirus, the current stage of the national football team’s most reliable center is Zhang Yuning.In the guest game against the strong Japanese team, Zhang Yuning’s fulcrum role in the front court has also been shown, his 7 successful 10 times of contention data, also showed that he is fully capable of playing the role of the starting center.Against Vietnam team to sum up, the team’s should be changed to play 4231, specific personnel is as follows: goalkeeper: YanJunLing defenders: zhang linpeng, two other leaders being Chen ming-shu Zhu Chen jie, too, Wang Shen back: xuxin, Wu Xi avant-garde: lei, Alan, los national wealth center: yuning zhang the starting 11 people, should be the team’s strongest attack with at present stage.If this lineup to fight, I believe in Vietnam team away, China team can also get an ideal result!