Goodbye camp Nou!Mei Xi was abandoned and left again at the end of the season, and a new target emerged

2022-07-29 0 By

After the adjustment of the winter break, coupled with the gradual maturity of Xavi’s tactics, Barca has recovered significantly, with an unbeaten record of 8 wins and 3 draws in 11 La Liga matches since 2022.Barca’s turnaround has been helped by the signings of Ferran Torres, Daniel Alves, Traore and Aubameyang during the winter window. The other three, with the exception of Torres, came on free, but Traore is likely to leave again at the end of the season.Winter window since joining Barcelona, was in the first few games, rely on the outstanding physical quality and the speed of lightning fast, was the Spanish teams make up on the side, but then was started downturn, single technology by the team through speed, at the same time compared to the phelan – torres 14 6 ball 5 assists, and Mr Obama MeiYang 11 games nine goals,Traore’s four assists in 10 games is hardly impressive, and it has given barca executives who had been considering buying him pause.It must be admitted that Traore was not barca’s winter window signing, his arrival was mainly due to dembele’s delay in agreeing a new contract, the role of Traore was to replace Dembele, barca directors originally wanted to throw dembele into the stands, but xavi stopped him, he thought dembele was still good for his tactics.It is under xavi’s coaxed mind that Dembele has recovered quickly, recently providing one goal and six assists, as well as two goals against Real Madrid in the national Derby.According to World Sport, Barca would prefer not to buy traore at the end of the season, because he is a one-dimensional player who, despite being fast and strong, has trouble shooting and crossing.Barca also have a new winger target, Brazilian international rafinha, who plays for Leeds United.According to Romano, rafinha is ready to leave Leeds united and has been approached by Barcelona. Rafinha is open to joining the club and his agent, Deco, is believed to be in favour of a move to the Nou Camp.The drop in form and the arrival of a new target at Barca could make traore’s departure more likely.During the winter window, traore returned to Barcelona without saying a word and took an 85% pay cut in order to return home, only to be dropped again.For Traore, the result may be hard to swallow.Although some fans still want to see Traore in the side of Barca, but Barcelona’s ultimate goal is to return to the top of the game, traore is too technical is not the best target.