On the differences between men’s and women’s football in China

2022-07-29 0 By

There are eight gaps between Chinese men’s football team and Chinese women’s football team. Although there are differences between women and men, the gap like a gap has been determined from the very beginning: One gap: Around the Spring Festival, the women’s football team beat Vietnam and Japan, presenting the great gift of the year of the Tiger 2022 to the people of the whole country;Before the Spring Festival, men’s soccer team lost 2-0 to Japan;On Chinese New Year’s Day, the men’s soccer team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, stabbing fans across the country in the heart.0-2 Japan 1-3 Vietnam gap two: The women’s football team has marched into the Women’s World Cup finals N times;The men’s team failed to qualify for the Qatar World Cup two rounds ahead of schedule.Gap three: women’s football team in the strength of the absolute disadvantage, but still indomitable, dare to fight, admirable;Even if the men’s football team has an absolute advantage, there is no fight in the field, wandering soldiers scattered brave, each fighting for himself, let a person very chill.Gap four: women’s football is a bundle of sonorous roses blooming in the winter, the spirit of women’s football encourages the morale of compatriots;Men’s soccer is more like a hothouse captive chicken, the intermittent mental illness of men’s soccer often afflicts the nation.Fifth: Women’s football team dare to win and never give up until the last second. European and American powers have been defeated by them, ranking middle in the world and top in Asia.Men’s football is who dare to lose, resigned, early to surrender arms.Vietnam and Thailand dare to humiliate us on the field, Asia’s fifth rate, the world’s bottom.Gap six: women’s football: the competition is a “gas”, energetic “gas”;Men’s football: “don’t even face”, angry fans spit a mouthful of old blood.Gap seven: women’s football has the least attention, poor treatment, low status, low income, and even training funds are a problem.Men’s soccer has the most resources, a sky-high annual salary, luxury charter flights, and group shopping for luxury goods.The annual salary of a men’s soccer team can cover the annual cost of the women’s soccer team.Gap eight: Women’s football: you can always trust me, I will always be worthy of the trust of Chinese fans;Men’s soccer: You can never trust me, because I don’t know what I’m going to do to make you fall apart.Conclusion: If women’s football team had 1% of men’s attention and 5% of men’s treatment and status, women’s football team would already be the top strong team in the world.Over the years, we have gone too far in favoring boys over girls, pouring huge amounts of money and resources into men’s football.As a result, we hurt the most is we care about the most, the most valued men’s soccer!From now on, it is incumbent to pay attention to and support women’s football.Cherish life, happy life, away from men’s football!