The latest edition of the NBA standings: Phoenix is no. 1, Warriors no. 3, Lakers no. 20 and Nets no. 17

2022-07-29 0 By

The Phoenix SUNS remain the no. 1 team in the NBA, while the Grizzlies move up one spot to no. 2 and the Warriors drop one spot to No. 3.The rankings are: 1. SUNS, 2. Grizzlies, 3. Warriors, 4. Heat, 5.Philadelphia; 6. Cavaliers; 7. Green Army; 8. Bucks; 9. Nuggets; 10. Raptors; 11.Jazz, 12. Mavericks, 13. Bulls, 14. Timberwolves, 15. Clippers, 16.Hawks, nets, Hornets, spurs, lakers, 21.Knicks, 22. Wizards, 23. Pelicans, 24. Blazers, 25. Kings, 26.Pacers, 27 thunder, 28 magic, 29 Rockets, 30 Pistons.In this list, the SUNS remain the same as in the previous issue and remain the no. 1 team in the league, while the Grizzlies have moved to no. 2 thanks to their consistent play.The Heat moved up from no. 6 in the previous issue to no. 4 in this issue, while Philadelphia and Cleveland dropped one spot each.Of the next teams, the Green Celtics moved up two spots and the Nuggets moved up from 11th in the previous round to ninth in the current round.At the back of the table, the Jazz, Mavericks, Bulls and Timberwolves all remain in the 10th to 15th spots, with the Clippers moving up from 18th to 15th.The fan favorite Nets dropped from 15th to 17th, and could fall further if they don’t get back on track soon.The Lakers dropped from 19th to 20th.The bottom four are very stable, thunder, Magic, Rockets and Pistons are still the four worst teams in the league.