The teacher every time into the classroom like adventure, students with “painting skills” teasing the teacher, the teacher is not calm

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Guide language: student time, the main course teacher seems not to be welcomed by the students, after all, the boring cultural class has been another students exhausted.By contrast, assistant teachers are particularly welcome.The PE teacher’s humor and the art teacher’s eclecticism left a deep impression on the students.They are popular with students because they don’t put pressure on them.For arts candidates, such courses are not easy, and even become the “shackles” of students.Art examinee accounted for more when the number of art students, individual art students are good at using the hand of the brush to “spoof” the teacher.Every time the teacher enters the classroom, it is like an adventure. The students tease the teacher with their “painting skills”. The teacher is not calm and the art students who are full of art cells also like to fight with the teacher.Class is not serious, naturally will be criticized by the teacher, but art students have their own methods to deal with, so that the teacher easily surrender.Students are the most people can not afford to offend, maybe one day will be students pranks.The students played with the cup, and the class was amused when the teacher raised his glass and drank it heartily.Still be in the dark the male teacher is at a loss, finally just know oneself of water cup by student processing pig nose.Art students with active thinking can always surprise their teachers, and going too far is not always a good thing.In the process of creation, art students fully divergent their own thinking, if they can not do the relaxation of the degree, the teacher will also be affected.It is common for students to cheat in class, and if they are found out by the teacher, they will be criticized.Listening to music with earphones in class, the teacher found that the student took out his own painting, the first time the teacher saw such a work, must give a full mark.If you want to be admitted to a key university, art students must excel in their professional courses, and high painting skills are bound to be the “trump card” of students.The teacher ate instant noodles to eat “paper sausage”, indicating that the students’ painting skills have been super high.Luckily, the sausage was not eaten into the stomach, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.Art students “spoof” teachers also need to moderate, can not affect the teacher’s health.If you can do that, it shows that the painting skills of art students have reached the peak.The student drew a socket on the wall directly to tease the teacher, the teacher must have been dizzy in the ground.The childish behavior of the students will become a good memory of the teacher, the teacher will not care about every detail can walk three feet platform is a blessing of the teacher, in the teaching process to accumulate experience, and students in the process of getting along with the happiness and sorrow is the wealth of the teacher’s life.Being recognized by students and parents, teachers will feel very happy in their hearts.In the long run, students and teachers are a mutually beneficial relationship.Being a teacher doesn’t haggle over every ounce with students.Even if a student does something out of line, it’s a piece of cake in front of the teacher.The teacher is like the head of the family. After the students make mistakes, the teacher will teach them carefully.In the face of students’ various spoof, the teacher will not only uncomfortable, but more love students.It is the major task of a teacher’s career to train his students to become adults.Years later, a student’s childish behavior will become a teacher’s fond memory.Teachers and students should achieve each other, respect each other, create a good learning atmosphere between students and students should achieve each other, as long as more empathy, the relationship between teachers and students will be more and more harmonious.Teachers should not be prejudiced against students, treat them equally, and students can feel it.Students should also understand the hard work of teachers, do not always make trouble for teachers.Don’t give up on every student, help students overcome difficulties.Besides parents, teachers spend the longest time with their children, and what teachers say and do affects students’ future development.Influence students with virtue, treat students with sincerity, do good teachers and helpful friends of students, teachers will affect children’s life.Respect for teachers is an excellent traditional Chinese virtue that students should keep in mind.Cherish the teacher’s efforts and learning opportunities, every student should do their part.The high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination are the turning points of students’ fate, students can not relax.Students should listen carefully to their teachers every time they are taught.In the face of students again and again spoof, the teacher will not really angry, but will feel that students are very cute.As the guiding light of students,;Teachers should go into the hearts of students and help them overcome many difficulties.The new generation of teachers continue to break through themselves, enrich students’ classroom, the road of education is getting wider and wider.Mutual benefit between students and teachers, resulting in the best teacher-student relationship.Only to cultivate healthy and sunny students, teachers’ efforts are meaningful.Only by respecting the teacher can students truly accept the teacher’s high wisdom.Students and parents should get along well with their teachers and move them with their actions.The best relationship between teachers and students must be mutual achievement. The harmonious development of education is not empty talk, but concrete actions are needed. The win-win situation between students and teachers shows that education has achieved a good position.