This retired female special police is not simple, abandoned business as the community secretary, let the village to change the community look new

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Changyuan community with Spring Festival couplets propaganda against electric fraud.Yangtze River Daily reporter Wan Ling take Yangtze River Daily Wuhan client on January 29 (reporter Wan Ling correspondent Zhang Jun Zhan Ou) “Revealed the 2022 Spring Festival anti-fraud formula daquan, fraud tricks are hidden in the inside yo!Come and watch!”On the morning of Jan 29, Liu Ru, the party secretary of Changyuan community in qiaokou district’s Changfeng subdistrict, posted eight updates on her wechat moments, including the weather, important news and community notices of the day.Later, she led the community grid members to visit the empty-nest elderly living alone in Changfeng City District phase 1 and reminded them to keep their “money bags”.At noon, Liu Ru led a team to visit businesses to check fire equipment, afternoon to continue to deploy the Work during the Spring Festival.Big eyes, baby-faced Liu Ru speaks softly, the people who know her say that this community secretary is not simple.In 2011, the qiaokou District’s Changfeng Street was transformed into five villages, including changyuan Fengtai Industrial Co., LTD and changyuan Community neighborhood committee. Dozens of houses were built on the former fishponds and vegetable fields.Liu Ru, 37, is a native of Changfeng village. After graduating from Wuhan No. 4 Middle School, she was recruited as a sports specialist. She served in the Sichuan Women’s SWAT team of the Armed Police force for five years and joined the Communist Party of China in the army.After retiring from the army, Liu ru did business with a friend in partnership and “did well”.In 2017, due to the withdrawal of her partners and the fact that her child had just entered primary school, Liu ended her business and returned to Changfeng village to take care of her family.”She is very enthusiastic about community welfare and is the group leader of four owner groups.”Changfeng street cadres said, Liu Ru in the masses have appeal, to solve many contradictions between residents and property.Liu Ru admitted that changfeng city 1 just delivered at that time, the early stage of the property is hired by the village restructuring enterprises, arranged a lot of original villagers without relevant work experience, leading to the property service is not in place.The most prominent problem is that the water tank on the roof of the building for a long time, the owner’s opinion is very big, but the property is helpless.Liu Ru see but eye, take the initiative to find the person in charge of the property company, pointed out that after the village change between the owner and the property is to buy service contract relationship, is no longer the acquaintance of the villagers, do things according to law, can not and mud.Under liu Ru’s suggestion and supervision, the property company to the community water tank leakage, green area is not enough, environmental health corner and other problems for rectification, the community greatly improved, the property complaint rate significantly reduced.”Liu Ru has ability, can fight for our legitimate rights and interests, have a problem to find her!”The residents of changfeng City community trusted Liu Ru, and the street also found that she was a good seed to do mass work, so they recommended her to work in the community.Liu Ru introduced, changyuan community jurisdiction over 8 communities, there are also built housing, commercial housing, to be demolished civilian housing, auto parts city, office buildings, college students apartment, there are more than 8,000 households, about 10,000 people, of which the floating population accounts for 30%.In July 2020, she was transferred from other communities to the changyuan community near her home.”How difficult is it to manage such a large community?Must be difficult!But military retirement will never fade, and communists must rise to the challenge!”Liu Ru said, a lot of residents are watching her grow up, human inevitable, so she when “village secretary” first have to set rules.It is understood that the early stage of the community, property management and representatives of local residents through three parties linkage collected 20 questions that the village governance, community the list of 20 service projects, and formed ten red volunteer service team, every Friday organization tripartite joint quality inspections on 10 teams, project is decomposed into 50 standard, weekly review on performance.The property management rewards good service groups every month, thus increasing the enthusiasm of volunteers.Take community two committee team, Liu Ru is also semi – militarized management.”From me, there are no family photos, decorations and other personal items on the desk. The grid book must be updated at any time. I have to make phone calls and check tenants’ information at least once a week.”Liu Ru said that it is because of the population information in advance, once the residents of the emergency situation, she can be the first time to the scene processing, do not need to understand the basic information with grid members.Chang Yuan community committee Member Zhang Weiyan told reporters that every day they are not waiting for residents to find, but take the initiative to patrol the grid to find problems, any abnormal situation is timely sent to the grid group, useful information for residents will also be sent to the group.”The first thing I do after GETTING up every day is to check Liu Ru’s moments and post the weather and major news to the grid group.That way, residents feel like grid workers are with them and they have something to tell us.”Zhang Weiyan said.Many of the young housewives in the neighborhood want to find jobs nearby, and some of the older residents want to work but have no skills.”People can not sit idle”, Liu Ru saw in the eyes of the heart.Rainy and snowy days Liu Ru visited the elderly community.”Sister Liu always encourages me to learn more professional knowledge to improve myself.”Xiong Xin, a resident, said that she often participated in community volunteer service. Under liu Ru’s influence, she tried to take the community grid member exam but failed. Later, Liu Ru recommended her to work in a public kindergarten in the community, and now she lives a full life.In Changyuan community, there are self-management teams, volunteer service teams, Party member pioneers, social work organizations, art teams and red scarf publicity teams, covering residents of different ages.”As long as you sincerely help residents with their legitimate needs, they will be supportive and helpful.”Liu Ru proudly told reporters that volunteers in Changyuan community took the initiative to participate in public affairs, often put forward opinions and suggestions to the property and the community, and solved many thorny problems through the tripartite joint meeting.Chen Zuguang, a resident of Changfeng City phase 1, said that when he moved in 2017, the community environment was not satisfactory, especially 11 elevators broke down to varying degrees. After many discussions between the owner’s representative and the property, the property finally agreed to change the elevator maintenance company, and the elevator never broke down again.Gradually, Chen became a volunteer in the community.Last summer, when two water tanks in building 17 were blocked, he climbed up in the middle of the night to urge the property management to clean the water tanks, thus solving the living problems of hundreds of residents.”In the past two years, the community’s environmental health and public security situation has significantly improved.”Changfeng city phase 2 resident Li Huan Xian is a veteran party member, has been in changfeng village women’s federation director for more than 30 years, who a few people she knows.Now, whenever there are neighborhood disputes, family conflicts, Liu Ru will ask Li Huanxian to mediate.”Party member volunteers are a bridge between community Party organizations and the masses. Only when they play a good role as a link can grassroots autonomy be developed in the right direction.”Liu Ru said.Besides arousing masses to participate in community management, Liu Ru still is good at to build unit borrow force.According to long source Xia Qing community police, 2019, fengcheng phase 1 and phase 2 long start installing intelligent entrance guard and the high altitude parabolic camera, then neighborhood theft case and a significant decrease in high altitude parabolic events, but because of the elderly like finance and investment, awareness is relatively weak, frequent long source community of telecom fraud cases.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the community of changyuan volunteers anti-fraud propaganda and education.In order to let residents have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, on the 25th of this month, Liu Ru invited changfeng Street police station to some residents on behalf of the anti-fraud publicity and education, through volunteers to carry out household publicity.Community workers also put up anti-telephony propaganda boards at more than 10 express delivery sites, and coordinated the staff of express delivery sites to stamp on each package to remind residents to guard against telecom fraud.Changyuan community coordination express site staff stamp on the package to remind residents against electricity fraud.Photo by Wan Ling, reporter of Changjiang Daily “There are a thousand lines on the top and a needle on the bottom.To do mass work well, it is still up to Party organizations to bring all parties together. I am willing to be the needle.”Liu Ru told reporters that she planned to install the ladder control system to prevent electric vehicles from going upstairs in the residential building this year, and regularly invite emergency rescue teams to popularize fire emergency knowledge in the community, all of which need the support of departments at all levels.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: