Unforgettable holiday, yangpu here “Winter Olympics” atmosphere pull full!

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The children’s holiday is over, but the good time is still unforgettable. In this winter holiday, the community good-neighborly centers of New Jiangwan City held creative activities of Winter Olympics elements, so that the community teenagers could encounter the Winter Olympics without leaving Shanghai.How to own a Winter Olympics mascot “Ice Dwen Dwen”?The children of Jiangwan International Good-neighborliness Center took action and made “Bing Dwen Dwen” heat shrinkable film together to cheer for the Olympic athletes.In the activity, the instructor first explained the principle of heat shrinkable pieces and the whole process of making the key ring of Bing Dwen dwen. Then the children chose the pictures of Bing Dwen dwen according to their own preferences, painted red and colored the heat shrinkable pieces by hand, and finally blew the heat shrinkable pieces with a hot fan.The children made a variety of key rings full of characteristics, together to achieve the “ice Dun dun” freedom.The Government no.2 Community Good-neighborliness Center has organized a creative tabloids activity on the elements of the Winter Olympics, allowing young people in the community to deepen their understanding of the knowledge of the Winter Olympics and the winter sports by selecting materials and making them by themselves.During the activity, the teacher introduced the origin and events of the Winter Olympics to the community teenagers. After that, the materials of the Winter Olympics tabloids were distributed to each family and the children chose and made works by themselves.During the activity, parents and children either created paintings by themselves, or made tabloids with the help of computer software in various ways.The activity scene is full of laughter, parents and children communicate and cooperate with each other, and make the parent-child relationship closer at the same time.Text/photo: Xin Jiangwan Editor: Gao Xuan Cheng Shangguan author: Yangpu, Shanghai