A man in Sichuan failed to start his own business and sold his scooter to pay for kindergarten tuition

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The adult world, there will be too many not easy, especially men, in order to live, sometimes have to give up their favorite things, after all, men are the center of the family, must not fall down, only strong, later can be back on their feet, to give their families happiness.Chengdu, sichuan province, February 9, a man because of business failure, lead to the pinch, a very difficult life, watching the school will open, and the daughter of the tuition fee haven’t landing, desperately, he made a difficult decision, prepared to sell their motorcycles, very reluctantly give up what one favours for his daughter to raise tuition, and sensible daughter know, don’t have the heart to cry,Holding dad back from selling his car.The video went viral on the Internet, with many netizens saying: “My daughter really is my father’s little cotton-padded jacket!”After this period of video spread on the Internet, attracted a large number of netizens attention, a lot of people in addition to sigh, life is not easy, although also felt that the man of practice is very helpless, but also is the only right choice, after all, his wife and daughter also need him to take care of the locomotive is just a hobby, also may be abandoned, choose between life and hobbies, first, of course, is the life,In the face of cruel reality, we also have to learn to bow.On February 10, the man’s wife Wang revealed that she and her husband Chen Qiang (pseudonym), both from Chengdu, had a daughter after marriage. Now they have reached the age of kindergarten.According to Ms. Wang, Chen Qiang took all his family to Hebei Tangshan last year to start a business, because there is not too much experience, coupled with life in Tangshan is not familiar with, resulting in business failure, all in the hole, after losing everything, he had to return to Chengdu.Because the economic situation is very tight, everyone didn’t enjoy the Spring Festival very much.Now her daughter is going to kindergarten, the tuition is very difficult, under no other circumstances, Chen Qiang decided to sell his beloved motorcycle, so that not only can suspend the pressing need, let her daughter go to school smoothly, and the rest of the money, but also to ease the family pressure, do some other small business, can help overcome the immediate difficulties.It is reported that Chen Qiang’s daughter is more than 3 years old this year, it is the age of kindergarten, no matter how bitter can not bitter children, more can not delay the child’s learning and growth.A few days ago, he contacted a local kindergarten and learned that the tuition fee would be more than 8,000 yuan, so he decided to sell his scooter.But when the daughter learned that the father wanted to sell the car, she refused to do anything. She cried and said, “Please, don’t sell the car.”The child is a child, she can’t bear his father to sell a car, but where do I know my father’s helplessness, but I don’t know that the cost of kindergarten is all in the car, if you don’t sell, she can’t go to kindergarten, my father will therefore feel guilty for a lifetime.Ms. Wang claimed that Chen Qiang was very fond of locomotives since he was young. After entering the society, in order to realize his “locomotive dream”, he saved money, set up a stall selling strings on the street, worked hard to earn money. At the age of 17, he finally bought a dream motorcycle with his own efforts.”He was a very responsible man who worked hard and never had any bad hobbies. He did not smoke, drink, gamble or play games. Apart from earning money for his family, his only hobby was the scooter.”Ms. Wang said that in the past two years, her husband often took her and her daughter to travel around by bike, and the family lived a very happy life.Daughter just turned one year old, Chen Qiang cycling around road, with a wife and to furthest also visited Tibet and Lhasa, sometimes Chen Qiang with daughter to participate in various activities organized by the locomotive fan, daughter think father ride a motorcycle handsome cool, so she also fell in love with the locomotive, to that end, Chen Qiang also specially to his daughter bought a beautiful motorcycle cap.Forced by life now, Chen Qiang weighed and decided to give up his only hobby.Ms. Wang also felt that she could not bear to sell the car. She once advised her husband not to sell the car and suggested that he should use his credit card to tide over the difficulties. However, Chen Qiang thought that credit card could not really solve all the problems.The three-year-old daughter did not know how difficult it was for adults. She only knew that the car was her father’s treasure, and after selling it, her father could not take her to travel with her. So she cried bitterly and shook her father’s hand hard, begging him not to sell the car.At that moment, Chen Qiang’s heart was completely softened by his daughter. He didn’t know what to do, but he explained to his daughter: “How to do if I don’t have money to read to you!”Ms. Wang saw this, immediately came forward to reason with her daughter, “sell a car and go to kindergarten, you can only choose one, do not want to sell a car you can not go to kindergarten.”If you don’t go to kindergarten, you can’t play with other children, and you can’t participate in the activities of the kindergarten.According to Ms. Wang, her daughter likes kindergarten as much as her husband loves locomotives, so she chose her own kindergarten when there was no other choice.”The most important thing is to consider how to get on with your life when you are in a difficult situation. You can put everything else aside and face the reality.In life, each of us will encounter a variety of setbacks, pressure is more like an invisible mountain, we can survive everything is ok, we can start again, when the opportunity, lost things can come back, there is no need to tangle with temporary gains and losses.