Fighting against the epidemic, these people stick to the “south gate” of Luohe

2022-07-30 0 By

At present, the epidemic is coming back aggressively. In order to strengthen the defense line of “preventing importation from outside and rebounding from inside”, all entrances of Luohe city have set up blocking points according to relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements.G107 South luohe and Xiping junction epidemic prevention and control card point situation?To learn about the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work.Stick to disease resistance line bear responsibility according to introducing, on March 26th morning, according to requirement of superior source area highway maintenance center joint public security, WeiJian department personnel, in the G107 luo river at the junction of south and xiping setting, epidemic prevention and control card governs incorruptibly, head of the center, lead the center staff to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, the leadership system of shift on duty 24 hours a day.Masks, alcohol, disinfectant, vehicle registration forms, temperature detectors, etc., can be seen at the card point.Due to the card point transport traffic is more, traffic is very large, the site can see the center point card personnel constantly inspection tour code, health code, within 48 hours of negative evidence of nucleic acid detection and transport vehicles pass, to pressing a regulation correctly wear masks to remind the masses, and have someone to guide the masses “one-meter line distance, inspection work busy and orderly,About 600 vehicles are checked and 700 people are registered every day.The staff gave up the time to get together with their families, just to protect the security of Luohe and be the “gatekeeper” of the south gate of the city. Their courage to undertake heavy responsibilities, unknown to the public, and their spirit of giving up their small home for everyone makes us praise.At about 5 o ‘clock on March 26, the road administration team members of the center received a heavy tanker driver for help in the process of duty at the card point. The driver said that his car had a small fault and needed to be restarted.Seeing this situation, the highway team went to help without thinking. In the face of this heavy vehicle, each of them tried all their strength. Finally, after everyone’s efforts, the tank car finally slid forward, and when the tank car started normally, the driver and fellow passengers repeatedly thanked the highway team members!Road team members have no time to say hello to the company, smile, immediately rushed to duty, to carry out epidemic prevention and control work.The center of the road team members of this initiative is very warm heart, get a scene of the masses praise, they proved with practical action “want to take what you think, to help the company by difficult” is not just a slogan!