Gemdale + Poly Consortium with 4.24 billion yuan won Beijing Chaoyang Wangsiying land parcel premium rate of 8.16%

2022-07-30 0 By Real Estate News On February 16 and 17, Beijing opened the first round of centralized land supply in 2022, selling 18 plots with a total land area of about 83 hectares and a total construction scale of about 1.69 million square meters.It is reported that China Sea, Urban Construction, Gemdale + Poly, China Resources, CDB participated in the bidding of Jingdu (North) [2022]002 plot, and finally Gemdale + Poly won with 4.24 billion yuan, a premium rate of 8.16%.Plot No. : Jing Tushuguan (Chao) [2022]002, Plot Name: Lot 1304-L04, Phase I land Development Project, Wangsiying Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Class II residential land, construction land area of 36,800 square meters, planning building area of 92,100 square meters, land use for residential land, starting price of 3.92 billion YUAN.According to land transfer documents, the residential use of the project will be commercial housing, with no government-subsidized housing.If the land enters the stage of competing for “current house sales” area, and competing for “current house sales” area, current house sales standard in accordance with the “commercial house sales Management Measures” (Order no. 88 of the Ministry of Construction) implementation, current house sales area according to the ground to sell residential part of the calculation, where the building needs the whole current house sales.The reasonable upper limit price of land is set at 4.312 million yuan. When the bidding price reaches the reasonable upper limit price of land, the higher price will not be accepted, and the “existing house sale” area will be submitted for bidding on the spot based on this price. The initial area of “existing house sale” will be 19,000 square meters.If all the residential building scale (92,122 square meters) of the lot can be registered as “existing house sale” in the area of “existing house sale”, the application procedure of high standard commercial housing construction scheme will be carried out.(Responsible Editor: HN666)