Glass tube fuse specifications and models

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Glass tube fuse specifications: JFG6T1100N/L, JFG6F1100N/L, JFG5T1100N/L, JFG5F1100N/L, JFG3T1100N/L, JFG3F1100N/L.Glass tube fuse: 1, glass tube fuse is a kind of insurance tube, mainly when the circuit is abnormal, by fusing their own fuse, protect the whole circuit board and circuit safety safety device.After the fuse is aged, there is no danger that the current should be cut off and the fuse will not be blown.The aging of the fuse is equivalent to a decrease in the rating (current) rather than an increase, so there is no safety issue in the circuit, but the circuit will be cut off at a small overload current or pulse.2. The rated voltage of the fuse is the highest working voltage of the fuse under normal working condition.The thermal resistance is developed economically by measuring the voltage drop measured by different current based on the full rated working current value of an enterprise, and its calculation and analysis model formula is R heat =Ud/In.3, the fuse can only be used in the circuit less than or equal to the voltage used, that is, the operating voltage of the selected insurance must be greater than the normal voltage in the circuit.The third function of the fuse is the safety function.High quality and reliable fuse should ensure safety before, during and after its operation, that is, safe conduction and safe fusing.The main technical indicator that can guarantee the fuse requirement is breaking capacity.The breaking capacity is the maximum current at which a fuse can safely cut off a circuit, generally the short-circuit current.