Hit an animal in the rain

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Is the zodiac dragon, monkey, pig and so on.In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a kind of magical animal, which can smoke clouds and make waves.It can be seen that it is not difficult for dragons to vomit clouds in the morning and rain in the afternoon.Only the dragon in the Chinese zodiac can do that.Monkey’s representative is Monkey King Sun Wukong, Sun Wukong’s ability, can call wind and rain, toward cloud twilight rain is not difficult to Sun Wukong, pig’s representative is pig eight quit, also is the same truth.Riddles: lantern riddles have their own internal rules, riddles and riddles of each other have a variety of methods.Some hint directly, some change with glyphs analysis, some make puzzles by using different words and sentences, some extend them with historical allusions, some make puzzles based on glyphs and so on.A riddle has riddles, some also marked riddles.Riddle is hint, is cryptic, riddle is the content that asks to guess, puzzle is to point out to you this riddle is to use a certain technique to be adjusted.Zodiac riddle: test rat (play a word card name) bu operator.Zi You (hit strange Tales from a Studio) mouse play.Far from each other a talking mouse (hit a painter name) Wu Daozi.Rat year spring (hit a word) li.Jia Zi (hit a TV series name) two first.Don’t talk big (hit a stationery) cowhide seal.Harelip (play a Peking Opera name) fork in the road.Sit and wait for a hare.Red rabbit (type a word) gallop.Different opinions have been MAO years (hit a food trademark) big white rabbit.Bi Zulongshe (hit a Chinese medicine name) tongcao.