Hope that China’s large and medium-sized irrigation areas into the spring irrigation peak

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Qingming is the fifth solar term of spring.There is an old saying, “Plant melons and beans before and after qingming.” When Qingming comes, the temperature rises. It is a good time to plant crops and an important day for farmers.At present, spring tube spring sowing is from south to north area.In North China, South China and South China, farmers are busy working in the fields.The northeast and northwest are also busy season for sales of agricultural materials and repairs of agricultural machinery.Local governments are coordinating COVID-19 prevention and control with spring tillage production, taking differentiated prevention and control measures to ensure that agricultural activities are carried out at the right time of year, and laying the foundation for a bumper harvest.China’s large and medium-sized irrigation areas into the spring irrigation peak at present, the national spring irrigation into the peak.According to the Ministry of Water Resources, 2,040 large and medium-sized irrigated areas have started spring irrigation so far, with a total irrigation area of 61.7 million mu and water supply of more than 7.9 billion cubic meters. Spring irrigation is in good order in rice areas in the south and winter wheat areas in the north.It is reported that this year, the country’s large and medium-sized irrigation areas plan to implement spring irrigation area of 240 million mu, planned to supply more than 37 billion cubic meters of water.To ensure spring production water demand, issued by the Ministry of Water Resources “on strengthening the agricultural water management be spring in 2022 spring production protection notice, require water conservancy departments at various levels to stand in the strategy of national food security, the spring water management as an important task for the current rural water conservancy, to ensure that this spring water demands of agricultural production.Spring ploughing season is approaching in Jilin Province. In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on spring ploughing production, Jilin City has further unblocked green channels for the transport of spring ploughing materials and ensured the availability of spring ploughing materials.At present, agricultural materials stores in major counties and districts of Jilin City adopt the form of “online ordering, door-to-door delivery, point-to-point transportation” to carry out agricultural materials purchase and sale distribution business.Local agricultural materials dealers contact online sources, reserve agricultural materials, and then send agricultural materials to village checkpoints and deliver them to farmers, so as to ensure that farmers will not be affected in purchasing agricultural materials for spring farming.Sun Changzhu, head of an agricultural materials dealership in Yongji County, Jilin City, said: “Basically I came to order these goods, sales are ok, basically can ensure that people spring farming.Jilin City has opened a green channel to help farmers who have been stranded in cities due to the epidemic prevention and control efforts return to their hometowns.On April 3, yan Yongsheng, a villager, prepares seeds and fertilizers for his 15 mu paddy field and 20 mu dry field in Rafa village of Jiahe City, Jilin Province.Yan lived in his apartment in downtown Jiahe city during the winter and returned to his hometown to farm in the spring.This year, however, yan was worried about how to return home due to the COVID-19 lockdown.Yan Yongsheng, a villager from Rafa Village, Jiahe City, Jilin Province: It is a critical time for preparing the farmland. I am very anxious to go back to my village to prepare the farmland. The government attaches great importance to preparing the spring farming.According to statistics from local agricultural and rural departments, there are 4,532 farmers like Yan in Jiahe city. According to the review procedures of “peasant household application, village community verification, township and street registration”, more than 50 percent of the farmers have successfully returned to their hometowns.In addition, jiahe city also for the transport of agricultural vehicles opened a green channel.According to data released by the Jilin Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as of April 3, 91.17 percent of spring sowing seeds and 73.99 percent of fertilizer were available to households in Jilin province.Source: CCTV news client