Legend of the Warring States period: Li Xin was defeated when he attacked The State of Chu. Wang Jian demanded the land of The United States

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Legend of the Warring States Period: When Li Xin attacked Chu and was defeated, Wang Jian claimed the throne of Meizhuangtianxi, former King Wei Jing died and the crown prince left his post for three years.Since qin attacked Yan, the king of Wei pretended to build the city of Daliang. Deep trenches were dug inside and outside, and the city was prepared to be repaired and defended.He sent someone to make arrangements with the king of Qi and said, “Wei and Qi are states of lips and teeth. When the lips die, the teeth will be cold.If Wei falls, disaster will surely befall Qi. Let us work together to help each other.”After the accession of qi, his brother Sheng was succeeded by qin and paid for the accession of Qi. “Qin will not succeed Qi,” he said, “but if he succeeds in cooperating with Wei, qin will become angry.”Confused by his words, Wang Jian of The State of Qi asked wei to refuse.Wang Ben of Qin won successive battles and besieged Daliang.It was a rainy day, wang Ben took the oil 幙 car to investigate the water situation, and learned that the Yellow River in the northwest of the city, and the Bianhe river from xingyang, also through the west of the city.So ordered the sergeant to open a canal in the northwest, leading the water of the two rivers, damming its downstream.The sergeant braked the rain to start work, Wang Ben personally hold the cover urged governor.When the canal was opened, the rain continued for ten days and the water rose.Wang Ben ordered to break the dike ditch water, both inside and outside the ditch overflow.The city was immersed in three days of decay in several places, the Qin army then entered.The king of Wei pretended to surrender with the ministers, was captured by Wang Ben on the paddy wagon, and the palace were sent to Xianyang, the king of Wei died of illness.Wang Ben to take the land of Wei, sanchuan county.He took over the land of the wild king and made king Wei’s horn a common man.According to duke Xian of Wei since jin dynasty, Bi Wan was crowned, Wan Sheng Mangji;No, Wen Gong of Jin Becomes a calculating bully.No, it is transmitted to Huan Zi Chi. No, it kills Fan, Zhong Hang and Zhi.Chi sheng Wenhou and Han Zhao divided the state of Jin.Seven more were sent to the king of Wei and his kingdom was destroyed. It lasted 200 years.Shi was king of the Qin Dynasty in twenty-two years (225 BC).In that year, the king of the State of Qin, using The strategy of Weiliou, plotted to attack The state of Chu again. He asked Li Xin, saying, “How many soldiers do you think will be enough for the battle against Chu?”Li Xin replied, “Only 200,000 people.”He summoned wang Jian, a veteran general, to ask.Wang Jian replied, “Li Xin will defeat Chu if he attacks with 200,000 men.In my humble opinion, there must be 600,000.”The king thought to himself, “The old man is stubborn and timid, not as strong and brave as General Li.”Then Wang Jian did not use.Li Xin was appointed general and Meng Wu deputy general. He led 200,000 troops to attack Chu.Li Xin took Pingyu (east of today’s Zhumadian, Henan), and Meng Wu took Jingqiu (southeast of today’s Shenqiu, Henan).Li Xin, young and brave, captured Pingyu City with a drum.Therefore, he led his troops to the west and captured Shencheng. He sent men to meet Meng Wu at Qiao Cheng (now Qiao Cheng in Bozhou, Anhui province), intending to attack Zhucheng (now Xinzhou District, Wuhan, Hubei Province) with his troops.The state of Chu killed Huang Xie, Lord of Chunshen, from Li Yuan and appointed him wang Han. Han was the son of Huang Xie and Li.King You died and died for ten years without a son.At that time, Li Yuan also died.The ministers were childe Yu, the son of King Ai of chu.In the second month of king Ai’s reign, his ordinary brother Chengfu attacked and killed him and proclaimed himself king.During his three years in the throne, He heard that the troops of the Qin dynasty had penetrated into the territory of Chu. Xiang Yan was appointed as a general, leading more than 200,000 troops and advancing both by land and water.Xiang Yan, knowing that Li Xin’s troops had left Shencheng, led his army to fight against Xiling (today’s Yichang, Hubei province). Qu Ding, his deputy, stationed seven troops in various places on Mount Lutai.Li Xin was brave enough to advance lightly, but he met Xiang Yan. When the battle was in full force, seven ambushments were set up. Li Xin could not defeat the enemy and left.Xiang Yan chased all three days and nights, killing seven officers, sergeant dead without counting.Li Xin rate of the wounded soldiers retreat to mim 阨, Xiang Yan fu break it.Li Xin abandoned the city and fled.Xiang Yan chase and pingyu, to restore the old place.When Meng Wumu arrived at Chengfu, hearing that Li Xin had been defeated, he also retreated to zhao.The king of the State of Qin was very angry and ordered his troops to visit Wang Jian in Pin Yang. He asked wang jian, “The general thinks that Li Xin will be defeated if he attacks The state of Chu with 200,000 men.Can the general, though ill, be strong enough to lead my men?”Wang Jian again bowed his head and said, “Now that my old minister is sick and in turmoil, I would like to ask your Majesty to appoint another competent general.”The king of The State of Qin said, “This trip must be a general.Wang Jian replied, “If your Majesty has no choice but to employ 600,000 ministers, you must.”The king of Qin said, “I have heard that in ancient times there were three armies in a large country, two armies in a sub-state and one army in a small country.The five princesses of Wei jia had no more than a thousand princes, which was one times seventy-five men, but never a hundred thousand.The general will spend six hundred thousand, which he has never spent before.”Wang Jian replied, “In the ancient times, the army fought on the date of the day, with the aim of fighting in battle.To the military without serious injury, and not to the sound of crime.Although the war, but the meaning of comity.So Kings use armies, never armies.When The duke of Qi was in charge of internal affairs, he won only thirty thousand men.The armies of these nations fight with the strong against the weak, with many and few, killing everyone they meet and attacking the land they meet.Decapitation level movement yue tens of thousands, the siege of moving for several years.Therefore, the peasants all exercise the sword, and the children are also listed in the book.The state of Chu to the southeast, a decree, millions of people can be.I said that six hundred thousand is not quite, how can you reduce it?”The king of qin sighed and said: “Be not general old at soldier, cannot thoroughly so far, I listen to general yi!”Then Wang Jian entered the court in a carriage. He was made a general and awarded 600,000 yuan, still with Meng Wu as his deputy.When he left, his political relatives went to the dam to set up preserves.Wang Jian raised his glass to the king of Qin and said, “If your Majesty drinks this, I have a request.”The king drained his drink and asked, “What does the general say?”Wang Jian took out a slip from his sleeve and wrote on it several places in xianyang beautiful Field and asked the king of Qin: “Grant it to the minister.”The king of Qin said, “If the general succeeds and returns, I will share wealth with him. Why should I worry about poverty?”Wang Jian said, “I am old. Though your Majesty ennobles nobles, such as candles in the wind, how long will you shine brightly?It would be better to give more beautiful fields and houses in the eyes of my subjects, so that we can have the property for our descendants and receive the favor of your Majesty forever.”The king of Qin laughed and allowed it.Wang Jian went to Hanggu Pass, and then sent messengers to beg for a few ponds.Meng Wu said, “Is the old general asking too much?”Wang Jian told him, “The king of Qin is strong and suspicious. Now he has given me 600,000 fine armour, which is empty and entrusted to me.I will invite more fields, houses and gardens for my descendants, so I will reassure the king of Qin.”Meng Wudao: “old general high opinion, I can not.”(The end of this article)