Putin arrives in Beijing after Meeting with Russian and Chinese foreign ministers, White House jealous of China agenda?

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On the afternoon of February 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing, kicking off a China-Russia summit.After that, Putin will work with China to promote the Winter Olympics.The Foreign ministers of China and Russia also held a special meeting on May 3 to pave the way for Putin’s arrival.Over the years, China and Russia have conducted mutually beneficial cooperation and achieved fruitful results.This makes China and Russia more determined to develop bilateral relations and safeguard the common interests of the two countries.The China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation has not only become an important force for international fairness and justice, but also brought more development possibilities to the people of the world while benefiting the two peoples.Looking to the future, China and Russia will also strive to maintain friendship from generation to generation and deepen bilateral strategic coordination.For example, we should strengthen connectivity between China and Russia, promote energy cooperation between the two countries and realize the whole industrial chain.Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who arrived in China ahead of schedule, said he was happy to visit old friends during the Spring Festival.He believed that deepening China-Russia relations is of great significance to the realization of global sustainable development.A higher level of strategic coordination between China and Russia is conducive to building international relations that are not affected by political situations. Such a stable and predictable relationship is in the interests of both sides.It is the consensus of China and Russia today to safeguard peace in the Asia-Pacific region, jointly resist politicization and say no to hegemony.At the international level, China and Russia, both brics countries, will communicate closely, understand and support each other in the china-Russia-India cooperation system, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the United Nations.China and Russia had in-depth discussions on the situation in Ukraine, Afghanistan and other regions. After meeting, the Foreign ministers of China and Russia coordinated and signed diplomatic cooperation documents.This is a good start for Putin’s arrival.Before leaving, Putin said he would like to share the joy of the Winter Olympics with the Chinese people.Such harmonious international relations are also a blessing for our times.We have friends coming from afar. On The same day, Chinese friends, such as Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Serbian President Vucic and Kazakh President Tokayev, have arrived in Beijing one after another.US President Joe Biden was asked if he would be watching the Winter Olympics.But Mr. Biden may be more focused on Mr. Putin’s agenda than on the Winter Olympics.Seeing the good relations between China and Russia, Biden, although jealous, is relatively calm.Some American politicians are restless.We all know that lately the U.S. administration has been watching events in Eastern Europe, manipulating Ukraine and trying to get Under Putin’s skin.Putin can talk calmly, with a joy to the “Winter Olympics appointment,” not on biden’s way.As a result, what the US is doing in Ukraine has gradually turned into a one-man show. The US is in chaos before Russia makes a move.A Republican Congressman named Josh Hawley spoke out against the Biden administration and continued to weigh in on Ukraine.He accused Mr Biden of doing so not to preserve “world peace”, as he claimed, but to save his vote.Hawley, a Trump fan, urged the Biden administration not to waste U.S. military power in Ukraine because he feared it would leave the U.S. unable to “deal with China” in the Indo-Pacific region.That’s why Hawley calls on the U.S. and Russia to engage so that they can one day deal with a rising China together, rather than see them side by side.After saying that, many Republican lawmakers in the United States decided that such a plan would be better for the country.But the Biden administration is moving in the opposite direction.However, the Views of the Democratic Party lawmakers are more hegemonic, claiming that there is no conflict between dealing with China and dealing with Russia.Agitating in Eastern Europe while playing devil’s advocate in the Indo-Pacific is exactly what the Biden administration has been doing for more than a year.When the news reached the White House, press Secretary Jen Psaki publicly dismissed Hawley as defending Russia and being “anti-American” and contrary to American values.But these days America’s hegemonic values are scorned. As for Hawley’s proposal, Russia was quick to say that the American political market was too busy to fall into the trap of “American interests”.In addition, the comprehensive cooperative partnership between China and Russia cannot be violated by his American hegemony.