Representative Zhou Yong: Go deep into the grassroots, the service to do more than their own work

2022-07-30 0 By

Peninsula media reporter Li Xiaozhe, Liu Xiaoxiao, Zhou Yong is the chief technician of electrical commissioning from CRRC Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., LTD. He has been working in the production line for nearly 30 years.”I will make good use of the advantages from the grassroots, actively play a representative role, fulfill their duties, to help grassroots people realize the most realistic dreams.”Zhou yong said.On the long journey of our country’s development of high-speed EMU, Zhou Yong won the title of the first person in China’s high-speed EMU electrical debugging.With his superb skills, he has grown from an ordinary worker to a well-known expert in electrical debugging in the field of high-speed emUS and urban rail subway development in China.Electrical is the field he is most familiar with. How to expand the scope of technology application and make use of this advantage to help rural revitalization and industrial revitalization is a question zhou Yong often thinks about.In a performance of duty survey, Zhou Yong found that rural planting greenhouse greenhouse there is electricity safety hidden trouble.Through on-the-spot investigation and visit into the tent, he thinks that the cause of security hidden danger is that related to the distribution and power devices or components from production type, the type selection, installation process method to the lack of safety standards exist many aspects, such as daily maintenance and insufficiency, the plant personnel safety electricity deficiency of knowledge and to the risk identification ability.”Planting greenhouses have been throughout the vast countryside, with the rapid development of rural industrial revitalization, the development trend of intensive and intelligent planting greenhouses, electrical equipment will show a variety of growth.The safety of electricity consumption in greenhouses needs to be taken seriously.”This said, in Qingdao city people’s congress leadership and chengyang district rural agriculture and lacey college town, backed by association of senior experts in Qingdao and Qingdao technician under the joint efforts of work station, they write the “standard of rural planting greenhouses electricity”, from the design and construction of rural planting greenhouses to operations, from production to use, safe process full cover,In order to eliminate hidden trouble fundamentally from the electricity specification.”We now have a pilot greenhouse, and the design and construction plan has been basically completed and will be implemented immediately after the holiday.We will try to make this greenhouse a model for regulating electricity consumption.”Zhou yong said.After the provincial two sessions, a return to Qingdao, Zhou Yong is concerned about the pilot greenhouses from the preliminary construction plan.”As a deputy to the provincial people’s Congress, I am always a representative of the people in any unit or industry.While doing their own work well, they should also serve beyond their own work to understand and help solve the actual difficulties of the masses, so as to live up to the trust of the organization and the people.”Zhou yong said that next, he will pay attention to learning and improvement, and do what he is doing well.