The first batch of water emergency rescue ship in Anhui was launched in Wuhu

2022-07-30 0 By

Recently, by the construction of Wuhu Wannan shipbuilding Co., LTD., Wanjiang ship inspection bureau inspection of anhui’s first water emergency rescue project ship “China emergency Hefei 1” “China emergency Hefei 2″ smoothly launched.”China Emergency Hefei no. 1” and “China Emergency Hefei No. 2” are the first batch of water rescue engineering ships in the series of engineering ships of the Ministry of National Emergency Management, and also the first batch of water rescue engineering ships in Anhui Province. They are composed of a 120-ton self-lifting ship and an 800-ton cargo ship on deck, equipped with water emergency rescue and rescue functions.In accordance with the project management mode, Wanjiang Ship inspection Bureau strictly ensures the quality of ship construction.After completion and commissioning, this batch of ships will undertake flood fighting and rescue, embankment reinforcement, slope protection, pipe gushing or breach blocking, water rescue and other tasks in the Waters along the Yangtze River in Anhui, which will greatly improve the water emergency rescue capacity of the Anhui section of the Yangtze River Basin and provide a strong security guarantee for shipping in the Yangtze River Basin.