There’s been an incident in Jiangxi province, in Nanchang, caught on camera

2022-07-30 0 By

Jiangxi province, a man wanted to break his ears, so he took a hoe to the outdoors to dig, who knows he unexpectedly dug a lot of!He was so excited!The man said he didn’t think jiangxi had any broken ears, but he was so excited to find so much after only two hours of digging.Excited to send this scene to the Internet, unexpectedly attracted the hot discussion of netizens!One netizen said: you are thatch root [cover face], sweet, love to dig when I was a child [tears], while another netizen said: fold ear root and thatch root although they are very similar in appearance, but their smell is different, especially easy to distinguish.Fold ear root also known as houttuynia, smell of a fishy smell.And the thatch roots smell sweet!The man should be digging thatch roots.When I was a child without snacks, often dug in the ground to eat, sweet, especially delicious!I think it tastes so much better than a broken ear!I feel so fishy when I break my ears!Not good at all!Do you like to eat them? [laughs][laughs]