Wenzhou longwan seashore in March the 2nd week second-hand housing average price 12630 yuan/flat, quarter-on-quarter flat, see that village has potential?

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The house is sheltered harbor, is the place of rest, the change of housing price affects the public heartstrings.Wenzhou in the second week of March housing prices have also been fresh.According to fangtian Institute released, Wenzhou in March in the second week of the second-hand housing reference average price of 20609 yuan/ping, up 0.02% last week.Longwan beach in March in the second week of the second-hand housing reference average price 12630 yuan/flat, flat last week.In the second week of March in Seaside, the reference average price of second-hand houses was 12630 yuan/ping, which was flat last week.In the last 12 months, home prices rose in six months and fell in six months.Figure 1: Seaside second-hand housing price trend data source:Room world institute two, March 2 zhou haibing secondary residential area average price list on March 2 zhou haibing secondary residential area average league: village of March 2 weeks average 1 country garden 22750 yuan/flat 2 wenzhou import commodity market 19619 yuan/SMW garden 17445 yuan 3/4 foda jre 5, 16916 yuan/flat country garden viewLanyuan 14,759 yuan/Ping 6 Xinxin Jinyuan 14,670 Yuan/Ping 7 Dali Commercial Plaza 14,358 Yuan/Ping 8 Zhenyuan 14,027 yuan/Ping 9 Xuhui Future Coast 13,488 yuan/Ping 10 Country Garden Dexin Fu Front no. 1 13,207 yuan/Ping 11 Nandu Homeland 12,983 yuan/Ping 12 Binhai Jinyuan 12,657 yuan/Ping 13 Longbin Homeland 12512 YUAN/Ping 14 Ruifu Garden 12244 Yuan/Ping 15 Jinhai Jiayuan 11830 Yuan/Ping 16 Vanke Century AD 11578 Yuan/Ping 17 Yonghe Jinyuan 11497 yuan/Ping 18 Jiangshang Huating 11294 yuan/Ping 19 Dexin Sunscape Feiliyundi 11236 yuan/Ping 20 Jiao New Red Homeland 10503 Yuan/Ping Table 1TOP20 residential areas with high average price of second-hand housing in seashore data source: fangtianxia research institute three, popular residential housing recommended TOP1: dexin sunny city feili yundi, the average price of 11,236 yuan/ping, netizens concern index 8.TOP2: Mission Hills, Germany Country Garden, average price of 14,759 yuan/ping, netizens concern index 7.TOP3: jinke zhongnan · future metropolis, average price 11856 yuan/ping, netizens concern index 4.TOP4: Vanke Century AD, average price 11578 yuan/ping, netizens concern index 3.TOP5: Longwan Yongxing Wan ‘an Home, average price 9253 yuan/ping, netizens concern index 1.Want to timely understand the price changes, market transaction trend?Fangfangworld readily can check housing prices (fangjia.fang.com), cities, counties, business districts, real estate, housing prices, you care about we have!