Nanjing LiShui | lotus community: to help the disabled round “dream work”

2022-07-31 0 By

In recent years, hehua Community in the development Zone has taken various measures to help and care for the disabled, focusing on solving their “urgent problems”, improving their quality of life, and building a harmonious and beautiful new community.Work to help people with disabilities to achieve “dream”, lotus established community to explore “the home of the disabled, and links to various resources, actively communicate with manufacturer, enterprise docking, ease of working filtered, rework rate, business integrity, through the communication with this group discussion, choose a suitable site work program for the disabled.Since he Hua Community and Nanjing Huateng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. jointly established in 2020, the average monthly income of the disabled has reached more than 1,000 yuan.On March 15, 2021, Lotus Community and Nanjing Qianzhuo Garment Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation to provide skills training for the disabled in the “Home for the Disabled”.The community also provides e-commerce training for people with disabilities to improve their vocational and life skills and help them increase their self-confidence.At the same time, the Community also provides free lunch and rest areas for the disabled, and has established a loving support mechanism with a number of enterprises, universities and social organizations, striving to gather the strength of social love, so that the disabled can truly experience the warmth of “community is home”.Li Baiyun, a disabled person, said: “The community has always been very concerned about us. We eat here for free every day. It is a spoonful of rice and a bowl of vegetables from the community that guarantees the life of our disabled people.”Rong media reporter Wei Jiang correspondent Zhang Jin