Ruan Jingtian, 39, officially declared his relationship, Posting a photo of his girlfriend making fun of p pictures, revealing that the other is a normal person

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The relationship of ruan Jingtian, a veteran idol drama actor, has always attracted attention. The 39-year-old actor has remained single for many years, and his marital status has raised concerns.Fortunately, god quite care for male god goddess, let Ruan Jingtian and Chen Jon when the same age off single.On the evening of February 5, Ruan jingtian posted his New Year’s greetings on his personal social media platform, revealing that he had successfully left the single, with an ordinary girl. He hoped the public could give him a little space to get to know each other.In the photo, not old male god Ruan Jingtian’s appearance level can still play, and ten years ago in the screen bully total image is not too different, zizui a smile glamour 4 shoot.Wearing a leopard-print sweater and white lining, Nguyen’s girlfriend’s long hair and a pair of willow eyebrows were obscured by a hat, sunglasses, beard, cigarettes and a gold chain.This shows, Ruan Jingtian is iron heart to snow hide girlfriend.The amour road of Ruan Jingtian is quite rough, previous cummer is closely bound up with its career mostly.When Ruan started his career in Taipei, he first fell in love with his brother and sister, and got together with his agent, Xiao Ren, who was 12 years older than him.Agent to the career of the little male friend wholeheartedly, for him to fight for the cooperation opportunity with the actress Liu Pinyan of red extremely at that time, this ability had classic work “green light forest”.Ruan Jingtian is also a person who can seize an opportunity, not only by this drama captured the heart of thousands of girls, and when only 17 years old female advocate Liu Pinyan also won.But two people are new, in the company’s pressure to break up.Little girl may be pure, but ruan Jingtian and slag touch some edge.Shortly after breaking up with Liu, he met his next girlfriend Joanna in a nightclub, and the relationship had a shelf life of only nine months.Their relationship came to light in 2007 after photos were published of Him pushing oil on the beach for actress Hui Wei Ning.However right now Joanna did not part company with Ruan Jingtian, accept an interview to break the news actively its cheat the man act that Dally with female affection, more shake out its many special proclivities.Ruan jingtian to Xu Weining’s love attitude and before the same, often by the media exposure of love news, and her response to one of the incidents is “a friend girlfriend, with a different bed.”Xu Weining and Ruan Jingtian talked for 8 years, finally can not endure the separation.In December 2021, Ruan, through his agent, sent a simple “blessing” to Hsu Weining, who married Khoo.After breaking up with Xu Weining, Ruan was also busy. In 2019, he co-starred with Song Zuer, 16 years younger than him, in “A Bite of Heartbeat”. He was suspected of falling in love because of the play.The two parties quickly denied the relationship, so Ruan jingtian is on the surface and Xu Weining broke up “single”.Now, Ruan jingtian is about to step into 30, hope the girl can seize his prodigal heart.