A 1-1 draw with Inter!Two years ago, they were the strongest team in Europe and never won a trophy

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Although Atlanta in serie a this season was rushing around like that, but once the strongest fire “of the” European they are still a force not to be sneezed at in serie a – this season with a draw to inter milan and lazio, residual matrix road level of the team to beat Juventus and napoli this title,They also scored 6-2 and 5-2 against the likes of Udinese and Spezia.When it comes to atalanta’s attacking line-up, they don’t have the names of vlahovic and Harland on the transfer market, but they have played a lot of attacking football under Gasperini – led by Zapata, mullier, Milchuk, Pessina,Milanovsky and piccoli have formed the real nerazzurri offensive team this season.Among them, the age of 20, Mr Pikoli starting one chance, there are 11 substitute, only one goal scored, he may not team regular, but also indispensable to rest a few people have always been the team’s players, although they lack of awareness, but definitely not the anonymity of the grassroots.Take the Colombian striker Zapata for example.Zapata has scored 12 goals and seven assists in all competitions for the nerazzurri so far this season. The striker had spells with Napoli and Udinese earlier in his career, but peaked in his first season with Atalanta, starting 32 games in serie A 18/19.Getting regular playing time means more goals are coming his way – 23 league goals in his debut season made him the team’s best signing and real nerazzurri’s wild ride in Serie A has begun.In the 18/19 season, when Juventus dominated the league, the bianconeri scored 70 goals, while atalanta, who were fourth in the league, scored 77, making them serie A’s top scorer.Times a season, it was really the inter face the league and champions league many fronts, their attack more “regress” — pizza zapata early yili has scored 15 goals may help, jose’s personal career best 18 goals 1 assists, plus zapata melting of 18 goals and send the 6 assists, three people account for the team’s offensive data up half the sky.The 19/20 season in serie a, Atlanta with 98 goals scored highest in Europe, in the champions league is the historic into the last eight, but ultimately fell to the luxury line-up at the foot of a greater, as Mr Zapata, Erie, and jose type of attack, headed by Mr Atlanta in the 20/21 season still is the maximum number of serie a goals in the team.Atalanta may not have won a trophy under Gasperini, but their attacking stats have become ingrained in fans’ minds, and atalanta’s attack is sure to be mentioned every time serie A’s top attacking team is mentioned.Even this season, atalanta’s squad is aging and the likes of Gossens and zapata are rumored to be leaving the club, but atalanta’s “best firepower” has become a legend and they are still a force to be reckoned with in Serie A and Europe.