Continue sweet!New Year dinner for Wong Mainland Choi choy Yee!Geng Hong wu will meet to discuss education in the mainland?

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On February 4, Wu Zun’s daughter NeiNei shared her New Year party photos on her personal account on a social media platform, and delivered a long speech with emotion.NeiNei hopes that she can learn from the mistakes she made in the past year and continue to study hard, stay healthy and create a bright future.It turns out that NeiNei was born in the year of the Tiger, and this year happens to be her birth year.In the photo, there are a lot of people in the dinner party, mainly wu Zun and Liu geng hong.They filled a long table with gay men and women sitting next to each other.It looks like this New Year’s dinner was quite sumptuous!Those of you who have been watching “Dad, Where are we Going?” will know that Liu geng hong and Wu Zun attended with their children at that time.Because of a show, several children get to know each other and become good friends.Over the years, they didn’t often play together, but they grew up quietly, and this precious friendship will not change because they didn’t see each other too long.See a few baby group photo, really have to sigh with the passage of time, long live friendship!In 2021, Liu geng hong will move his family to live in the mainland and let his children such as Xiaopu receive education in the mainland.When Liu geng hong generously posted photos and videos of his new house on the social platform, people have given their best wishes and hope that they can adapt to the life in the mainland as soon as possible, and hope that little Pufu and his children can be well integrated into the school so that the family will continue to be happy.Wu Zun revealed some time ago that he planned to send his son and daughter to China to go to school, because they had come to China earlier to participate in the program, found that the child’s Chinese progress rapidly, so Wu Zun was very surprised.So Wu Zun discussed with his wife that he wanted the children to go to A Chinese school to receive a Chinese education.”We wanted them to study in Australia, but we changed our mind because of the epidemic. They will thank me for learning Chinese,” Wu said.When asked if he is afraid that his children will be better than him in Chinese, Wu zun replied: “I am not afraid that their Chinese is better than mine.”So this time, Wu Zun will discuss with Liu geng hong about their children’s education in mainland China.In fact, the educational facilities in the mainland are very perfect and the teachers are very good.I have to say, their fathers were very visionary.In addition, it is worth mentioning that this time the party, also saw Wang Mainland and his girlfriend Choi.In the photo, Tsai is holding the puffs and looking very cute with her pouty lips.Last Christmas, Choi’s team publicly announced that choi and her boyfriend had amicably separated and were now single.But now looks, wang mainland and Choi are good!There was no breakup!We don’t know if they broke up and reconciled, or if they were never apart at all, but they just didn’t want to share their love story.Seeing them together for Chinese New Year, Wang even took Tsai to meet his friends. It seems that they are not only in a stable relationship, but also in a serious relationship. They tend to meet their friends and parents, rather than just playing around.Therefore, in fact, “Heartache again” not only promoted the couple of Wang Ziwen and Wu Wing en, Wang Dalu and Choi are now very sweet ah!This article by the circle king original, welcome to like attention to more wonderful content, without permission, prohibit reprinting, plagiarism will be corrected