In 1992, the tomb of Wu Dalang was dug up in Qinghe County, Hebei Province, dispelling rumors of a hoax that had been circulating for more than 800 years

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“Water Margin” as one of the four classics, there are many household stories, and Wu Song because of xi Menqing and Pan Jinlian adulterous exposure poisoning brother Wu Dalang, then anger killed two people, revenge is one of the stories, Xi Menqing and Pan Jinlian has become a typical representative of the mouth.Wu Dalang, who was brutally murdered, did not get people’s sympathy, but became a weak and incompetent image.Is real history as described in fiction?When archaeologists opened the coffin of Wu Dalang’s tomb in Hebei province in 1992, they revealed the 800-year old deception.There is a wujia village in Qinghe County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province today. There are more than 1000 villagers named Wu. It is said that their ancestor is Wu Dalang.The ancestral hall in the village enshrines wu Dalang’s sculpture, inscriptions, and not far outside the village wu surname grave has wu Dalang’s tomb.Although it is not a royal, but as one of the historical celebrities, wu Dalang’s tomb has not been completely preserved.In 1946, people at that time because of war and natural disaster life is extremely difficult, many villagers are hungry to eat, so they played the wu family ancestral grave idea, want to see in the inside can dig some gold and silver treasure to spend the famine, was excavated at that time, including the tomb of Wu Dalang.But when people excitedly opens Wu Dalang tomb, besides discovered a good nan mu coffin and two bones outside however nothing, because at that time people also do not know this is wu Dalang’s tomb, so that buried its afre rise.Later, in 1992, archaeologists visited Wujia village in Qinghe County to find out if Wu Dalang was a real historical figure.With the consent of the villagers, the archaeologists opened Wu Dalang’s tomb for the second time.Bring about network pictures like the last time, only a mouthful of nanmu coffin and two bones, but the mouth of nanmu coffin has attracted the interest of archaeologists, because in the fiction, wu3 da4 lang2 being born in a poor family, by turning the streets selling baked wheat cake for a living, how also is not a rich man, but why can enjoy so expensive in after the death of nanmu coffins, one inch gold, an inch of nanmuIt must have been expensive even in the Song Dynasty.What makes archaeologists puzzled is that this nanmu coffin is fully 1.9 meters long. According to the description of “Water Margin”, Wu Dalang is less than five feet tall, accounting to the current measurement unit is also a little more than 1.4 meters. How could he use such a big coffin?In addition, there are two bones in the coffin. According to the textual research, they are a man and a woman, and they are still husband and wife. It is estimated that the man is about 1.78m in height.If this really is Wu Dalang, then it is really a change of perception.But archaeologists certainly don’t rely solely on the literature of the Outlaws of the Marsh to determine whether this is really wu Dalang’s tomb.Therefore, although the skeleton of the man in the tomb is quite different from the height of Wu Dalang described in the novel, the archaeologists finally confirmed that it is wu Dalang’s tomb after many kinds of research.Because whether in qinghe county county or wujia village genealogy have a clear record, in history there is indeed wudalang this person.▲ The Tomb of Wu Dalang But different from the description of the novel water Margin, the real Wu Dalang is not an ugly man with a short figure, but a handsome scholar.In history, Wu Dalang’s original name was Wu Zhi, because he was the eldest in his family, so he was called Wu Dalang.He was tall and handsome. He was talented in reading poems and books since he was young. He also acquired a good martial arts skill and was awarded the title of Jinshi at a young age.During the Reign of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty, Wu Zhi was appointed as the county magistrate of Yanggu County in Shandong province by virtue of his fame. It was at this time that he married Pan Jinlian. However, the real Pan Jinlian was not a slave of a rich family, but a daughter, a lady of great family.Her father was the governor of Handan at that time. It was because of Wu Zhi’s talent and character that he married his daughter to him.The Wu Zhi and Pan Jinlian after marriage are very conjured, there is no what Pan Jinlian adultery Ximen Qing murder of close husband thing, and Wu Zhi is an official honest, political achievements are very good, was loved by the common people, Pan Jinlian also kind-hearted and virtuous, gave Wu Zhi to bear four children, is a far and near famous wife and loving mother.In his later years, Wu Zhi returned to his hometown and did a lot of good things for the local people.So the local villagers thanked him for his merits and built sculptures and inscriptions praising him in the ancestral hall. If he had been as described in the novel, it is believed that the Wu family would not have invited him into the ancestral hall openly.And these also can explain why Wu Zhi can afford nanmu coffin, for no other funerary, according to historical records, because Wu Zhi giving at ordinary times, often take out money difficulties using the folks, even buy food relief, the south in clamped down on my own so at the time of death is not too much wealth.Since the real wu Zhi in history is such a good official of integrity, and his wife is also a good wife from a good background, how to become the Water Margin of the Marsh in wu Dalang and Pan Jinlian?What is the truth of 800 years of deception?Spread more than 800 years of deception there is a saying that a lie said a thousand times also became the truth, in the history of all kinds of wrong things are not in a few, Wu Dalang and Pan Jinlian’s story is the same.This matter was first caused by rumors spread by wu Zhi’s friends in his early years.When Wu Zhi was young, although he was smart and studious, he lost his father and lived with his mother. His family was very poor.This friend’s family rich businessman, often help him, even wu Zhi to Beijing to take the examination of the travel expenses are he out.Later, Wu Zhi passed the examination and became a magistrate in Yanggu County, Shandong province, and became the official of his parents. Because of poor management, his friend’s business is getting worse and worse, and his economy is becoming more and more difficult. After learning the news of Wu Zhi becoming an official, he went to Yanggu County to go to work.Friends are benefactor of Wu Zhi, out of gratitude wu Zhi naturally is delicious and good to drink to entertain him.However, Wu Zhi was honest and honest, and did not have too much money to him. He was not willing to use his power for personal gain to provide abnormal help to his friends, and he flatly refused his friend’s request to become an official through the back door.So a long time friends on the heart of resentment, feel wu Zhi ungrateful.In a fit of pique, he returned to Qinghe County without saying goodbye.After returning home friends more think more depressed, so they made up unbearable rumors to slander Wu Zhi.These discredit arms straight rumors quickly spread around the neighborhood, but friends later don’t feel enough, even the lotus of pan gold Wu Zhi’s wife, he heard Wu Zhi in when yanggu county magistrate had a debacle is called the west door celebrate the schoolyard bullies, is made up a the lotus of pan gold and west door celebrate adultery, poisoning wu3 da4 lang2 story.This kind of story could easily arouse people’s interest and discussion, and some malicious people added to it, and it spread from ten to ten, and soon all the people in the neighborhood knew it.With the success of water Margin, the stories of Wu Dalang, Pan Jinlian and Xi Menqing became household names, which further deepened people’s misunderstanding of Wu Zhi.The truth is opened, Wu Dalang is vindicted wu Dalang is now mentioned, the impression of people is an honest and dutiful, cowardly incompetent man, and mention Pan Jinlian, think of is not shou women.This is for the official incorruptly and justly on history, the wu Zhi couple that human nature is benevolent can really be injustice cannot injustice again.But what is true is true and what is false is false. Even if the story written in the novel is wonderful, it cannot really reverse the real Wuzhi couple in history.In fact, “outlaws of the Marsh” author shi Naian’s descendants shi Shengchen because of this matter specially to qinghe County Wujia village to apologize, for this as a painter shi Shengchen also specially painted more than 10 portraits, and in each portrait are composed a poem for Wuzhi.▲ Shi Shengchen among them in the portrait of Wu Zhi, Shi Shengchen wrote: “Fabricate the water margin Shi Naian, Wu Pan unwarranted injustice.Shi jia article Shi Jia painting, derogatory so far hundreds of years.The end of the karma today, is reshaping the exhibition world.Wu ancestral temple off the case, shi home owe shi home also.”Wu family see Shi Naian’s descendants so sincere apology, also forgave him, but “outlaws of the Marsh” influence is too big, in order to let people know the real history of Wu Zhi, Wu family specifically set up a monument, in the above detailed records of his clean and honest, benefit village life.The inscription reads: “Gong (Wu Zhi) died of his father when he was young.Middle-aged jinshi, official worship seven products, xingli, incorruptable gongming, villagers lift the people of the umbrella worship.”With the portraits and inscriptions, although it can not clear people hundreds of years of deep-rooted misunderstanding of Wu Zhi and his wife, but it is always a comfort and explanation to the Wu family.And with the modern society people to understand the history more and more fully, I believe that when we mention Wu Dalang and Pan Jinlian again, we can also have a clear cognition, that is, this is just fiction in the story, not the real history.There are plenty of misunderstood and even distorted historical figures and stories like this, and I hope you can have a clear identification.