Jinruishun changan CS35PLUS limited time you enjoy the luxury car purchase gift package

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National excellent 4S shop – Chengdu city convenient service 4S shop – Warm spring Shenghui, now the car quickly lift, two rights and interests, four pet courtesy!During the event, the online invitation will send exquisite gifts, limited seats, first come, first served!During the event, the network invites customers to enjoy free shuttle service within the city limits!You will also have the opportunity to participate in the on-site car shopping golden egg activity to win home appliances/car supplies and other luxury gifts!Professional second-hand car evaluation service, to enjoy 8000 yuan replacement subsidy!Down payment as low as 10%, 24 /36 /48 enjoy 0 or low interest, more 5 years of super long loan, simple process, fast approval!During the event, you will enjoy a cash discount of $16,000 for car purchase, and a special car will be offered every week. First buy, first serve!During the event civil servants, government procurement, taxis, online car booking, enterprise units and other large customers to enjoy a high 20,000 market preferential additional subsidies during the event where chang ‘an old customers recommended relatives and friends to successfully buy a car to enjoy the introduction of special gift!Network customers to shop car more preferential!Our store provides VIP shuttle service or take metro Line 2 to Jinke North Road, full-time shuttle service, take a bus to the gate of the company, for more details, please come to the store to consult exclusive consultants ↓ Event time: March 28, 2022 to March 29, 2022