The city sports center will repair fitness venues and open them free of charge during the Spring Festival

2022-08-01 0 By

Recently, many citizens were pleasantly surprised to find that the city sports center increased a lot of fitness facilities, fitness ground repair a new, become clean and tidy.”Now we advocate less going out during the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, many fitness venues in our sports center are open for free. You can bring your family members to exercise during the holiday and have a healthy year.”Meng Fandong said happily.The children in the swing of the Spring Festival, to vigorously promote the national fitness activities in zhuhai, enrich the masses culture and sports life, sports career development center early preparation, full screen, organization of city sports venues and facilities in central part of the comprehensive maintenance, are introduced to citizens “our festival holidays, sports activities,It provides convenience for the general public and foreign investors to celebrate the Spring Festival safely on the spot.The center organized staff to carry out comprehensive maintenance of some venues and facilities, repaired the damaged fence of outdoor fitness venue, replaced the damaged marble steps of the stadium, painted the peeling wall of the Fifth Ring Square, welded and repaired the torch lamp posts, and added fitness equipment such as high and low bars in the southwest fitness area.We updated some guidance signs and civilized city propaganda boards, and organized a thorough cleaning and transportation of construction garbage and sanitary dead spots around the Olympic Sports center, adding a clean, neat, civilized and peaceful festival atmosphere for the general public’s fitness and leisure.”During the Spring Festival sports center free of national fitness sites include: 2 4 tennis court, basketball court, 3 standard badminton venue and four temporary venues, 12 table tennis field, a sevens football fields, an elderly fitness, 1 smart fitness plaza, 3 in the national fitness equipment field, as well as the stadium, plastic runway.Specific opening hours for 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.Citizens are welcome to take their families out of their homes to practice a healthy and civilized lifestyle, exercise one hour a day, work healthy for 50 years and live a happy life for the rest of their lives on the premise of taking personal epidemic prevention and control measures.”City sports cause development center party secretary, director Ding Tao said.☀ special statement that the public account or not clearly indicated the source of information, copyright belongs to the public account, without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced, excerpted or in other ways to use the above works.Those who have been authorized to use this official account should use it within the authorized scope and indicate “source: Tengzhou Daily”.Violation of the above statement, the public account will investigate its relevant legal responsibility.☀ LU ICP ready 13002907 -1☀ Internet News information Service License 37120210005 wechat ID: Tengzhouribaoshe