Build a strong mind and overcome traumatic experiences with “psychodynamic imagery therapy.

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Whenever there is a major disaster, we often hear of psychologists on hand to sort out and comfort the emotions of the injured or their families.It’s a psychological emergency for a traumatic event.Similarly, in many people’s lives, there are remnants of traumatic events from the past that affect our lives.Severe forms of PTSD, so that the victim of the harm;Minor traumas can hide in our lives and affect us in other ways. For example, children who are abused as children can grow up to be cowardly.Traumatic events have such a profound impact on individuals that the healing of trauma must be the most important topic for psychologists, and corresponding theories are constantly being innovated.Psychodynamic Imagination Therapy (PITT), created by German neurologist and psychotherapist Louise Redman, is one of the effective ways to deal with trauma.Her book, Who I Was Before Trauma: Reclaiming my Inner Strong Self, with Susan Luc, introduces the theory and practical techniques of this therapy.The book has been a bestseller for decades and has been updated and republished, and the therapy they created has helped many people build strength and move on from trauma.But PITT is how to operate specifically?The authors describe in detail “triphasic therapy,” which involves the integration of trauma healing in three stages.The first stage is to make your heart strong enough, which is the most part of this book.To put it simply, it is to create a “safe island” in the mind of the visitor through “imagination”.It has a powerful isolation, protect their heart from trauma injury function.As to how to build such a safe island.The authors offer a series of mature imagination schemes.The Big Tree Meditation, for example, involves imagining yourself as a big tree, taking nourishment from the earth and energy from the sun to warm your body and heart.With more attention to his body and better care for his inner world, how could his heart not become stronger?Your strong self is ready to begin the second stage of healing!This is the time to confront the trauma.While there are some therapies that rip open trauma naked so we can feel it again, sort it out, recognize it and accept it, there is now “imagination therapy” that doesn’t need to be so cruel.We can disengage our trauma by imagining it, observe it from the outside, confront it with our own powerful heart, and even comfort our past self with our present self.There is also a kind of art therapy to face trauma, which is to comb through trauma and past through art and painting for those visitors who are not suitable for imagination or lack imagination.And finally, the third stage of trauma integration into itself.Trauma is, after all, our own, part of our experience, and we must make peace with it in order to have a better future.Please don’t worry at this stage, the trauma has been torn open again, acceptance and integration will take a slow process, but it will be better.## Trauma ## Childhood Trauma Healing #