“Hail Alert” On March 14, Shangrao Meteorological Station issued a hail orange alert of “Level II/serious”

2022-08-02 0 By

Shangrao Meteorological Observatory issued a hail orange warning signal at 14:46 on March 14, 2022: It is expected that in the next 6 hours, there may be hail in Xinzhou district and Guangxin District, accompanied by strong convective weather such as thunderstorm gale and short-time heavy precipitation. Please take precautions.(Information source: National Early Warning Issuing Center) Defense guide 1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in preventing hail emergency work according to their responsibilities;2. The meteorological department should prepare for the manual hail prevention operation and choose the machine to carry out the operation;3. Outdoor pedestrians immediately take shelter in a safe place;4. Drive poultry and livestock into covered places and properly protect outdoor items or equipment such as cars that are vulnerable to hail attacks;5. Guard against lightning and lightning in hail weather.