I am on duty during the Spring Festival! There is a “New Year flavor” called “Warmth”

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When the Spring Festival comes, the production and operation staff of Heihe City Thermal Power Co., Ltd. stick to their posts 24 hours a day. “Heating emergency repair Party members commandos” are always on call, and the heating service hotline is smooth all day long, escorting thousands of families for a “warm” year.In the dispatching room of the heat network workshop, computers and monitoring equipment are neatly placed, and the staff is sitting in front of the computer, staring at the monitoring screen wall, which reflects the operation of the whole heating system in real time, and all kinds of heating data are clearly visible.Since yuan started his job, he has stuck to the front line almost every Spring Festival.Yuan Xiangyu, employee of Heihe City Thermal Power Co., LTD. : During the Spring Festival, we will do our best to prevent and control the epidemic and work safety as required.Recently, the company has carried out comprehensive maintenance and maintenance of the heating standby equipment and the equipment in operation, and strictly eliminated the hidden trouble, which better ensures the normal operation of the equipment.On the eve of the Spring Festival, thermoelectric company also further improve the emergency repair plan, once there is a heating accident, users can call the 24-hour service hotline 6100232 for help, the company has a number of repair teams, will be the first time to solve the door.Give up small home for everyone, it is with this group of dedicated thermoelectric people, to ensure the safety of equipment, the stable operation of the unit, the warm house of thousands of families.Yuan Xiangyu, employee of Heihe City Thermal Power Co., LTD., said: “My New Year’s wish is to wish my parents good health and children healthy growth, and to wish every family a warm Reunion.Reporter: Qu Bing Yu Wen intern Wu Junying editor: Jiang Hao Ran first trial: Jiang Hao Ran second trial: day chong third trial: Gu Hongbin