Love of Grandparents (Narrating/Essays)

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Taking a walk in the evening, I saw two white-haired old men slowly linking arms on the road. At that moment, I felt that the whole world slowed down and all the prosperity was the background.Two figure, let me can not help but think of my grandfather and grandmother, think of the two poor old man, also think of my grandfather had said to my grandmother that the most beautiful words of love.On the drizzly night eight years ago, the same night we sent grandpa away, my grandmother was in tears telling me about his life.That night, grandma said while crying.Because grandma had a leg injury when she was young, and she was a little stiff.Every night when I get up, grandpa as long as he sees my grandmother get up, he will get up and help her for the first time.For decades, this habit has never changed, no matter how late or tired, spring, summer, fall or winter.My grandmother was born in a poor peasant family. She lost her parents at an early age and became an orphan with only one brother and sister to live with her.After her parents left, her siblings had been foster with her uncle.In order to ease the burden of her uncle, at the age of 15, grandma was introduced to marry her grandfather, who was three years older than her.After grandma married grandpa, grandpa loved grandma very much.They had five children.That was the beginning of the founding of new China.In those days, it was not easy to raise so many children in the family.In order to feed these five children, grandpa in the outside of the coolie, frugality, try to save a few food, earn that little money to feed a family size.Grandma is in the home thrifty, take care of the children, do cooking, washing clothes, do some of the housework.Grandpa is easy-going, good-natured, hard-working and honest, but a little taciturn, do not like to talk.Every day he went out early and came back late, rain or shine, he did nothing, as long as his five children and grandmother were healthy, the whole family was safe and harmonious, even if he had to eat no amount of pain, no amount of fatigue, he was willing to.Grandmother strong character, fast-talking, speaking loud voice.It is the two personalities of different people, no matter how hard life, they have never been down by life, ups and downs for decades, they are so dependent on each other, never abandon, this love has to let a person envy.It happens that there is a storm in the sky.When grandpa and grandma were enjoying their old age, grandpa suddenly fell seriously ill and was bedridden ever since.After grandpa fell ill, grandma suddenly became in a hurry, as if to lose the backbone, feeling that the sky is falling down.After grandpa fell ill, grandma has kept in the hospital, take care of grandpa.Grandpa is like a changed person, what things are dependent on grandmother, grandmother in a while, he will call her, keep calling her.His mouth always love to keep mumbling: “old woman, I’m sorry, I can’t hold you any more, your leg is not good, what can you do when you get up in bed……”When he was tired of saying it, he drew silently until he had no strength to draw any more. Then he fell asleep quietly in the eyes of his grandmother.Grandma was heartbroken to see grandpa lying in a hospital bed with oxygen, as thin as withered bark, but she never shed tears in front of grandpa.Grandpa’s illness from day to day serious, the hospital made a critically ill notice of that day of, grandpa suddenly woke up, open my eyes will be looking for my grandmother, to see my grandmother after I took my grandmother’s hand, chanting in a very small degree of voice: “old woman ah, how I want to hold you slowly, but I am old, helped one day less one day…”After listening to grandpa’s words, grandmother suddenly froze, she sadly looked at this and their life together with the man, want to say what, but nothing can say, her tears at that moment, endless flow down.Grandma suddenly stood up slowly, gently, gently put grandpa in his arms, whispered in his ear, “Old man, I will take care of myself, you don’t have to worry, in the next life, we will still be husband and wife…”After listening to my grandmother’s words, grandpa suddenly stopped his nagging, affectionately staring at my grandmother, unable to nod, a line of muddy tears from the cheek slowly flow down.In this way, after only a few minutes, grandpa left grandma forever.Grandma was devastated and aged a lot overnight.After grandpa left, grandma often took grandpa’s young photos carefully, sometimes, while watching silently tears.My grandfather and grandmother, although there is no romantic lovey-doy-doy, there is no vigorous and vigorous exchange of vows and pledges, some just stumbling, flatly live every day.Half a century of ups and downs, let them take care of each other, cherish each other, considerate of each other.Even after the suffering of life, but still simple and amiable.Such a feeling, sincere, practical, firm, ordinary and warm.If someone asks me, what is the most beautiful love words in the world?Then, I will not hesitate to tell him, the most beautiful love words in the world, neither “I love you”, nor “together”, but “old woman, I want to slowly support you, but I am old, support a day less day……”This sentence seems to be ordinary words, but the love of grandpa to grandma expression incisively and vividly.They stand together through thick and thin for decades, to each other, hold your hand, and grow old together, such a marriage makes people envy and moving.This kind of love is not flashy, but deep feeling from the bottom of the heart, is grandfather and grandmother ups and downs for decades to witness the love.I think it’s the most beautiful love sentence in the world.[Email address for submission], no more than 1600 words. 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