Nanjing issued a notification on the abnormal nucleic acid test of a foreign visitor to Nanjing

2022-08-02 0 By

On March 26, one novel coronavirus case was found to be abnormal in the nucleic acid test of foreigners at the inspection point at the entrance of the Toll Station on Kaesong Road in Nanjing. The city and the district immediately launched emergency response, and promptly organized the work of flow tracing, site containment, personnel transfer and site disinfection.According to the preliminary flow adjustment, after the person came to Ning on March 26, his activity track involved key areas and places as follows: he drove to Ning at 6:43 and got off the expressway at the toll station of Kaesong Road;7:29 Drive to The Project Department of China Trade Center (No. 339 Central Road);14:00–14:04 Fresh Fruit Times Shimao Binjiang Store (112 Nantong Road, Gulou District);14:15–14:18 Hua Bing Wine Shop (No. 400 erbanqiao, Gulou District)At about 14:30, he returned to the project department of China Trade Center and did not go out afterwards.The general public is hereby reminded to report to their communities immediately those who share the same activity path in the above time and place, and cooperate with the implementation of measures such as flow screening, nucleic acid testing, isolation and control.If you have fever, cough, fatigue or other symptoms, go to the nearest medical institution with fever clinic immediately and truthfully tell your epidemiological history. During the treatment, take personal protective measures such as wearing a mask and avoid taking public transportation.Please do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, enhance the awareness of personal protection, consciously do a good job of personal protection, adhere to wear masks, wash hands frequently, clean often, use chopsticks and other good living habits;Cover your coughs and sneezes, ventilate the room, reduce gatherings, and keep a social distance of more than 1 meter.Actively cooperate with temperature measurement, code inspection and other epidemic prevention measures.Hotline of Nanjing COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters office March 27, 2022 Xuanwu District, Nanjing: 025-12320, Qinhuai District: 025-83682072, Jianye District: 025-87753722, Gulou District:Yuhuatai District: 025-52873890 Qixia District: 025-85570386 Jiangning District: 025-69640762 Pukou District: 025-58852736 Liuhe District: 025-57122120 Lishui District: 025-57202591 Gaochun DistrictJiangbei New Area: 025-58050032