The ice and snow together!Online ski challenge invites you to join us!

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games opened smoothly. The double Olympic City once again welcomed the Olympic Games attracting worldwide attention, presenting an exciting feast of ice and snow to the world. The Olympic Games need everyone’s participation and everyone needs the Olympic spirit.”People’s Armed Police” and “Beijing Armed Police” wechat public account jointly launched interactive mini game no matter where you are, you can immediately through to the world of ice and snow immersion experience a ski happy competition to be the most beautiful son on the ski resort right score list top 20 players will get a beautiful gift what are waiting for?Come quickly move a finger to an online pk!Activity introduction 01 Activity time from now to March 11 00:0002 Activity rules each person has 10 opportunities to participate in the game 03 Game description Please read the picture below carefully after the start of the game, through the mobile phone sliding up and down 4 directions to control the soldier jump, eat goggles and gloves extra points.Be careful to avoid obstacles in time.We will announce the final award information on March 13th ↓↓↓ Identify the qr code below or click to enter the game. We look forward to your participation. Executive Producer: Liu Fengqiao, Zhang Hongwei Executive Producer: Zhang Jinling Chief Editor: Guan Shusheng, Wang Wen On duty Editor: Bette, Wang Yanting Email: