Westbrook: Untradeable superstar. Lakers have it in their hands

2022-08-02 0 By

The lakers in the trading market is, as it’s a surprise to harden in 76, moved to the nets simmons, Wisconsin at eriksson breathed a sigh of relief, of Los Angeles media gossip had almost defeated the boy’s heart, lebron James and carmelo Anthony Davis can only accept the team now this situation, how to change, the problem still left vogel!I don’t agree with the statement that Westbrook is getting old and out of shape. Throughout his entire league history, westbrook didn’t have a huge injury, how could he fall off his pedestal so quickly? People at the foot of the mountain should never laugh at the gods on the mountain.Treating the lakers’ front office like fools?I might as well leave it up for grabs.Westbrook is untouchable, and other players have a chance, but a guy like Tucker was a big hit last season and has really struggled this season, and the lakers can’t live without Monk. Is Nunn worth a trade now that he hasn’t played a single game?The answer is no. It’s a foregone conclusion that Westbrook isn’t going anywhere, at least for now this season.Now vogel started to put Westbrook on the bench at critical moments, which also caused westbrook’s dissatisfaction, but the fans paid the bill, think this is right, can the Lakers really change westbrook’s position in the lineup?As the starting point guard, Westbrook keeps making mistakes. Turnovers are essential to get westbrook to open up, so he becomes hesitant to take shots and starts thinking ahead and behind.How about Westbrook off the ball?No, now that we’re playing the Lakers, no one’s even one meter in front of westbrook. We all know that westbrook has no blue, and can make up five embarrassing points in one game. Now the only option left for the answer is the sixth man, a $40 million player to play off the bench, which is too luxurious.Westbrook’s bottom line is being eroded step by step by the Lakers. They want to have more say than James. If the lakers management doesn’t agree, the fans don’t agree, so let’s boil the frog and see who consumes more energy than who.At the beginning of the Thunder, reporters asked Anthony if there is any possibility of playing reserve season?Anthony laughed and told the cameras: “That’s never going to happen. I can’t come off the bench.We all know what happened after that. How did guadalupo compare to Westbrook now?What exactly is Westbrook’s position right now?That’s the question on the minds of all Lakers fans. According to the latest news, the lakers are still on the buyout market and have a chance to win back Hedrick. If that happens, westbrook will be embarrassed and the 360 will have to work together.