A refutation of Zi Ping Zhen Quan, Chapter 8, on using God

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英 文 : Eight characters with god, specifically for the month, to dry with the month, and the health of different grams, pattern points yan.Money official seal food, this use of god’s good and shun use;Cut and rob the blade, and use it against god’s will.When the smooth is smooth, when the inverse is inverse, with appropriate, are Quaker.Although Ziping numerology focuses on the monthly order, the monthly order is not using god.In the eight positive case theory, the pattern is not taken entirely by the day dry with the monthly ground branch, the pattern is taken by the dry through the monthly ground branch, if there is nothing dry, the pattern is taken by the monthly ground branch.Our theory is that the moon determines the physical characteristics of yen, and is the god of yen according to such natural characteristics.Money official seal food is not all good god, evil wounds and knives are not all bad god, is used or used or useless, according to the attributes of the Sun Lord to decide.译 文 : With good and shun to use, then wealth like eating God to health, health officials to protect wealth;The official like through the money to phase health, health printing to protect the officer;Printing xi official evil spirit to phase health, loot to seal;Food xi body wang to health, wealth to protect food.Not good and adverse use, then seven evil spirit to subdue god, avoid money to help;Injury officer xi printed to subdue, make money to hurt;Yang Blade xi guan evil spirit to subdue, avoid official evil spirit all have no;Lunar robbery like through the officer to subdue, using money and through food to change the robbery.The road that goes straight is also.Break can not use good and shun to see life bureau, financial official seal food should be divided into happy avoid.For example, the soil is pastoral soil, the most avoid the water through dry scouring, at this time the wealth of the water to avoid god, so it is necessary to make the water or change the water into the inverse.For example, there is no good or bad use of unburned fire.For example, Gengxin Jinxi felled a and b wood, the God of wealth at this time, but never use the God of food to make money, or money to health officer.Because The God of Food can vent geng Xin jin qi, geng Xin jin avoid fire.So wealth likes to eat god to live, living officer to protect wealth, this theory is not tenable.The same is true for officials, such as ethylenewood shengshen moon Bogey Geng Jin thoroughly dry logging, at this time to reverse the use of its officials, that is, must be made or changed to become an official.For example, jiamu unitary month Xi Xin Jin Guan Xing, must not be used to print the officer, the officer is not the case, where the officer can not be used to print the officer.The same is true of India. It is wrong to say that India is happy with its official evil spirit.In ancient words, evil spirits need to talk about evil spirits, and no evil spirits are used. The official star is also included in it. The life bureau sees the official evil spirits and has to talk about the official evil spirits first.So it is to print the official evil spirit, not the meaning of printing xi official evil spirit phase.As for happiness, it depends on the needs of the Lord of the sun, and there are also large water and wood, thick soil buried with gold, wet wood can not make a fire.The same is true of God of food, such as the sun c fire bogey wu earth dark light, Geng Jin Sheng Shen moon bogey nonren water God of food through dry, has soil unitary month of food god useless and so on.So it is by no means food happy body prosperous to mutually live, grow wealth to protect food this kind of argument.It is not good to use it against the fate of the situation, and evil wounds should be divided into joy and fear. Yang Blade and moon robbery are two special patterns.For example, there is no burning c fire xiren water seven evil spirit, wu soil likes to raise a wood, at this time a wood not to seven evil spirit.Xi Xi can not use The god of food evil, anti xi money to help.Injury officer also the same, such as his soil has been born on Xi Geng gold injury officer through dry, made the injury officer is not the case, Japanese wood born on Xi c fire injury officer through dry, made c fire is not the case.So can not be evil injury xi Fu such a generalization, only when the yen avoid evil fu injury.For example, his soil was born with moji on the second wood seven evil spirit through dry, his soil was born with Moji Geng gold injury officer through dry, at this time can subdue evil spirit injury.According to the logic of the month robbery not case, should be with the construction of lu case.For example, yimu is born in the moon, if Geng Jin guan Xing is dry, then yigeng is consistent, so how can Geng Jin make the moon rob?For example, the second month, even if a b wood dry also do not like geng Jin Guan Xing logging.Yang Blade pattern is the most special pattern. It is impossible to see Yang blade pattern and be pleased with the official evil.Yang Blade xianguan Evil is not to use the official evil to make the blade, but to use Yang blade to fight the official evil, and Yang blade xianguan see the official evil is only one use, not the only use.For example, jia Mu Yang blade can not only be used for printing, but also for wealth;Binghuo Yang blade can also be used for seal, wealth and food damage;Wutuyang blade is sometimes called blade, and sometimes can not be called blade;Geng Jinyang blade can be used not only for wealth, but also for seals and food wounds.Ren Shui Yang blade case evil spirit is useless, but like to use wealth, with food injury, but can not use seals.In short, ba zi must not dogmatically take the moon as the use of god, but according to the characteristics of the yen to use god, this is the correct way to use god.Chapter 8 text and Picture of Zi Ping Zhen Quan