Chinese stocks: This news finally hit the ground, Thursday, market prospects!

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This news finally landed, Thursday, market prospects!This time, China’s A shares rose in the global market under the background of the rising index, not because of the Hong Kong stock market plunge appear significantly lower phenomenon, the integration of open half an hour later, open the offensive, the China’s a-share stock market index is higher, the gem that once rose more than 80 – point index finally all closed up, date line ZhongYang closed,What should investors in China’s stock market think of Wednesday’s closing positive line?The index on Wednesday was obviously a whole day of high open higher pattern, which also makes the Chinese stock market in many sectors have long unilateral rise in the situation, up more than 2% of the sector as many as 100.Real estate, sodium battery, solid state battery market leading, lithium iron phosphate, building materials, securities companies and other markets are good, coal, oil, natural gas, agriculture countertrend adjustment.The steel plate is still in rapid rotation.Index date line across the board Wednesday to close out the ZhongYang line, the Shanghai composite index to 3200 points, the gem is a strong stand 2600 points, the emergence of more than a Yang wear line date line occasion ostentation and extravagance, the Shanghai composite index is line 5 and 10 lines for a short period of time to recovery, the gem is a one-time recovery the three averages and time-sharing chart do more situation very clearly, direction,Thursday’s A-share index continuous high odds or relatively large.Overall, China’s stock market is the a-share market on Wednesday showing A booming trend, through real estate continued to be strong, and is closely related to the building materials, household appliances, construction, design, prefabricated construction sector also present A strong posture for A long time, on Wednesday moved money is also A long-term loss of A large number of net inflows, trading volume is also expanded year by year, this will be conducive to further strengthen the market.From Wednesday China a-share market trends, on Wednesday that the sun thread are not generally, first of all, this is in Hong Kong ten meters diving closely related, followed by the north to the net outflows of capital throughout the day after, again under the condition of net inflows, the third the positive line really make many investors desperate rebound in Yang line, you say this is how desperate!Hope through this line to become the Chinese A share market to build A bottom after A rebound in the real sense of the sun line.Commonly used bottom – bottom escape top method index determination – MACD index of the MACD index of the divergence form can be a good judge of a medium level above the top of the market.The divergence of MACD index can be divided into two types: one is the divergence within the same cycle trend;The other is the divergence between cross-cyclical trends.The deviation within the same period trend means that the two adjacent MACD indexes are in a deviation state, that is, the nearest red column peak is lower than the previous one.This situation shows that in the current rising trend, long energy is gradually consumed and in exhaustion, and short energy in the process of long consumption there are signs of breeding.The cross-cyclical trend divergence refers to the divergence of the red bar value of MACD index between two adjacent trend prices when the price peaks occur, that is, the most recent red bar peak is lower than the previous red bar peak.When this happens, the market is sensitive to pressure from the previous price peak.How long does it take institutions to sell shares after they buy them?There won’t be clear time to sell after orgnization buys a stock, they also are waiting for the process of a qualitative change!Because the organization is also a small individual in the market, for the large amount in the whole market, even for Guo Jiacui, the fund of the organization is difficult to reverse the situation!Therefore, most institutions are in the bottom of the bear market area, in a cycle with a very high layout value, bargain to absorb the quality of the bottom area, cheap chips, waiting for the market better, will be pulled up!Otherwise for the organization, is to spend a lot of money, to buy their own set!These are the two cores of technical analysis space and time, space is easier, time is harder!Most retail investors like to use time to prove their strength, and smart investors like to plan their business with space!As for the institutions, they obviously don’t take the initiative to pull up, just because of the concept of the boom, because of the bull market, when a stock hits a real bottom, it usually has characteristics:The volume is extremely shrinking, the amount of land price stocks are in the decline, after the main distribution and pressure, the volume of stocks slowly shrinking, the stock price continues to fall to the real bottom;And the formation of price rise volume increase, price fall volume of benign situation, is the main low cover out of the bottom of the shock sign.Jews believe that making money is the most natural thing, if you can earn money not to earn, it is a crime against money, will be punished by God, money: after the right to throw money out every business is a new friend, should be taken seriously.In the market competition, all jewish money decision-making thinking, are driven by “profit”.In the market place where people compete for “profit”, the key to real profit lies in correct decision making, which requires businessmen to have the corresponding quality.Jewish businessmen emphasize winning with wisdom and making money with their brains, because wisdom is the wisdom that can make money, that is to say, the one who can make money is the real wisdom.The Jews used to adopt the strategy of “avoiding reality, breaking the whole into parts, and accumulating many a few”, and finally defeated the powerful opponent.At the same time, they have a strong sense of judgment.They can make money if they think their partners are good for them in some way.They can be patient and wait for the other person to change their mood or wait for the right moment.”Investment decisions can be summed up in two words: simple, traditional and easy,” Buffett added.The stock market is a big battleground.It is not only a battlefield for capital market participants to play financial crocodile game, but also a small battlefield and financial battlefield for ordinary people’s diversified investment.From the perspective of Buffett’s investment composition, traditional resource monopolistic enterprises such as roads, Bridges, coal and electricity account for a considerable share. Such enterprises are generally the first choice for foreign capital to enter the market for acquisition and merger. Meanwhile, unique industry advantages can also ensure stable benefits.Investment stock needs to accumulate slowly, the premise of accumulation is to control risk, retain principal.No matter how much profit there is, it is better than blind investment and loss.No one can predict what the ultimate profit will be.Learning to give up must be right.You should give up on buying a stock that has been going up for several days before it is discovered and recommended.Because once the subsequent start of the callback, good luck adjust a week, bad luck adjust a month, then your mind will be very disorderly, cut meat or keep warehouse you have been unable to calm judgment, several times down you will collapse.